A Cover of History: The GAME Launches Its Maiden Issue

History marks the beginning of The GAME. The newest aspirational sports lifestyle title captures Tennis’s newest star Alex Eala’s iconic Grand Slam win for its inaugural issue.

Filipino talent once more takes the global scene of sports by storm—and The GAME is finally here to chronicle the whole story behind the gold.

Their first cover story hails the journey after Alex Eala’s juniors’ Grand Slam girls singles championship feat in the 2022 US Open in Flushing Meadows, New York. The 17-year-old is the first Filipino to attain this win, surrounding the achievement with historical success for the country. Eala sits down with The GAME for an exclusive interview post-championship at their official website.

The tennis prodigy’s triumph is just the advent of The GAME’s storytelling. All covers of the title will be painted with pivotal events that shake the sports industry, featuring all individuals who form the community—from athletes who take the win, coaches who direct the play, and even supporters who leave the applause.

Most importantly, these pages will shine the spotlight on the Philippines and the unparalleled action and breadth of talent it can offer to the world of sports. This is one of The GAME’s main visions—to uplift every Filipino athlete shaping history.

Setting the brand apart from other sports and media entertainment titles, The GAME doesn’t just bask their covers with the winning moment, but renders these scenes in beautiful digital artworks that truly capture the emotion of the victory.

To honor these iconic conquests even more, The GAME is in the works to give these covers more color and bring it to life in the future.

This is just a first for the title and their team is already beginning to move the industry forward. As sports history runs its course, The GAME is here to be a part of it through creative storytelling curated in flying colors.

Head on over to for The Game’s maiden issue.