A Brave New World: MEGA Magazine Celebrates 32 Years With A New Creative Direction

Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine enters another year with a renewed sense of style — from a new logo to a new masthead and a new creative direction.

In the illustrious 32-year journey of MEGA Magazine, a myriad of changes have unfolded, driven by its dedication to the needs and aspirations of its readers. Today, MEGA is shifting into its biggest transformation yet.  

Venturing Into Creative Innovation

MEGA unveils a brand new look — a bolder logo on an expanded magazine size, establishing MEGA as the biggest Philippine fashion magazine on newsstands today. This evolution goes beyond mere design modifications; it signifies a profound alignment with the grandeur and elegance that defines the very signature of MEGA.

A fresh masthead also graces the editorial lineup, with the esteemed Patrick Ty stepping into the role of Creative Chief, leading the way alongside the seasoned Editor-in-Chief, Peewee Reeyes-Isidro, who holds the title of the longest-serving in the magazine’s history. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and creativity to guide MEGA into its next era of unparalleled excellence.

Heart Evangelista On The Cover

The perfect embodiment of the new MEGA is reflected in its anniversary issue, with Heart Evangelista on the cover. In this edition, the style icon offers an intimate look into her narrative of embracing change, letting go, and building a legacy, mirroring the journey of a modern MEGA woman.

Heart shares profound insights into her approach to life’s transitions, encapsulating the very spirit of the magazine’s evolution. Her perspective on embracing change as a series of beginnings rather than endings resonates deeply, serving as a poignant metaphor for MEGA’s own transformative journey. “Even if it’s the end of a friendship, I don’t think of it as the end. I always think of it as the beginning of something. Beginnings are sweet. I don’t like the word ‘ending.’ I feel like there’s only one time for things to end and that’s when, well, it’s all supposed to end. But everything in life is like a beginning for me,” Heart says. 

As MEGA embarks on a new chapter, it not only celebrates a milestone but also sets the stage for a narrative that transcends its pages. With more stories to unfold, MEGA Magazine invites readers to join in the celebration of a new beginning in the brave new world.