Young Forces Of Change Take Over Vogue Philippines’ February Cover

The February cover mounts yet another groundbreaking issue, featuring seven young women who move the way forward.

Month after month, Vogue Philippines fearlessly reimagines the narratives of fashion storytelling by spotlighting the nation’s trailblazers. From a cultural tattoo artist to key Filipina scientists, the Philippine edition boldly celebrates diverse voices, pushing boundaries of style with every issue.

February’s cover serves as another testament to this. In a captivating tableau against the backdrop of Masungi Georeserve, seven luminaries take center stage. 

Among them are Ann Dumaliang and Billie Dumaliang, trustees of Masungi Georeserve, whose tireless efforts in forest conservation have earned them widespread acclaim. Joining them is Camille Rivera, marine biologist and founder of Oceanus Conservation, whose work in safeguarding marine ecosystems is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Also gracing the cover is Nicola Sebastian, a prolific writer and co-founder of Emerging Islands, whose passion for storytelling rides waves of change. Issa Barte, a National Geographic Explorer and co-founder of For The Future, brings her expertise in environmental advocacy to the forefront, while Natasha Tanjutco and Isabella Tanjutco, founders of TAYO House of Culture & Creativity and Kids for Kids showcase their innovative approach to addressing climate challenges.

On the cusp of their advocacies are conversations weaved through a deep communion with nature, expanding the notion of beauty from an industry to an ecosystem. Vogue Philippines continues to set the standard of representation. Inspired by stories that shape the world, the title ushers another kind of exploration into the world of fashion. 

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