Vogue Philippines Appoints Danyl Geneciran As Vogue Man Philippines Editor

Under his thoughtful leadership, he will weave stories for the contemporary, forward-thinking Filipino man.

Vogue Philippines announces the appointment of fashion journalist Danyl Geneciran as Editor of Vogue Man Philippines. Geneciran brings over 10 years of experience in publishing into stories, trends, and style tailored for the contemporary and forward-thinking Filipino man.

Notable for his innovative work as a fashion editor and stylist, Geneciran’s vision for the future of Vogue Man Philippines is one that values thoughtful and diverse collaborations. His expertise in fashion is extensive from styling high-profile names, directing fashion and brand campaigns to founding his own streetwear label Privé Alliance. After residing in New York City, he worked as a contributing fashion editor for an international fashion publication across various locations, including the US, Paris, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Thailand. He then assumed the role of editor-in-chief for its Philippine edition in 2021. “I think I’ve always had this forte of sharing stories of now by connecting global narratives with local contexts, and making the content relatable and meaningful, especially to our younger readers,” he notes.

Geneciran acknowledges that to be a part of Vogue is an important involvement in a cultural and fashion movement. “Maintaining integrity is a constant challenge especially for a publication that celebrates inclusivity,” he explains. “But it’s important to encourage conversations in order to educate readers and be educated by our readers, ensuring that we address the demand for varied perspectives.”

Geneciran says that with “the new perspectives on masculinity, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of expressions and help readers on their personal evolutions. This is by having an openness to a pooI of creative collaborations and dialogues.” As a brand, he adds, Vogue has established itself as a leading authority on fashion, but it “is also not something that dictates. With an emphasis on inclusivity, we want to encourage our readers to explore various facets of their identity, whether it’s through fashion choices or lifestyle choices.”

“He brings a unique blend of innovative fashion insight and cultural depth to Vogue Philippines’ newest section, Vogue Man,” shares Vogue Philippines Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Publisher, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese. “His ability to resonate with and expand our audience embodies our mission to celebrate diverse perspectives and elevate style narratives.”

Geneciran continues: “I just want my efforts in sharing stories to do some kind of good, especially to the future generations of creatives. This can be something that will inspire them or question themselves. Whatever it is, I hope to make an impact.”

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