Stories of Career Growth

Witness the career growth, journeys, and career advice of some of the role model employees from AGC Power Holdings Corp. and One MEGA Group, Inc.

What is it like to work among the top media companies in the Philippines? And what does it take to succeed in such a fast-paced career?

It is no secret that hard work is a vital component of career growth. But for the role model employees at AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) and One MEGA Group, Inc. (OMG), what you truly need is a burning desire to grow, shine, and go the extra mile. Easier said than done, these living testaments proved that their age, tenure, or background cannot stop them from reaching their full potential. Let’s look at the stories behind some gems in the company who did just that.

Humble beginnings – Arriane Sanchez

Arriane Sanchez

She entered One MEGA Group ten years ago as an intern with big aspirations. Today, Arriane serves as the Head of Consumer Marketing and Circulations across all media companies under AGC PHC.

Arriane’s journey was not easy. She took on many different roles – from events assistant to supervisor, and moved to various departments as manager from advertising support, circulations, and marketing services. One could call her the perfect example of real growth.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” She lived by her favorite quote from Richard Branson and strived to be the best in whatever task was given to her. Starting from a humble beginning did not stop her from dreaming big. Instead, it served as an inspiration to go even further.

Holding her position today, Arriane made history by being the first youngest member of the management team in the company.

Never too late – Carlo Tumaliuan

As the quote from Nelson Mandela goes, “There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” After working in a call center, Carlo made a bold move to change his career path and follow his real passion – Information Technology. Even if it involves a pay cut, what truly matters to Carlo is a job that makes him happy. Luckily, he found himself in a Web Developer post under OMG.

As months have gone by, the company started to expand and diversify itself to other industries. Soon enough, it needed someone to forefront the IT Department. Carlo bravely stepped up and took on this challenge showing everyone what he is truly capable of.

At just the age of 25, Carlo is now the Web Development and IT Manager at AGC PHC, setting the example that it’s never too late to pursue the career that you are truly passionate about.

Unleash your full potential – Emina Sotto

Within just a year in marketing, she was promoted as the Brand Associate behind all three of MEGA’s prestige variants: MEGA Style, MEGA+, and MEGA Active. Emina’s secret? Her leadership skills.

Emina started her career as a Copywriter and was moved to become a Social Media Associate where the management immediately took notice of her leadership potential. In less than a month, she was promoted as team leader.

For her, it wouldn’t be possible without OMG’s guidance, suport, and confidence to help her grow in her chosen field. She’s fortunate enough to be part of a company that molds its people to unleash their full potential whether you’ve been serving for a decade or just new to the scene like Emina.

Ahead of the game – Pam Rodriguez

It was just three months ago when Pam began her OMG journey as a Content Supervisor.Today at just 24 years old, she now functions as the manager of Marketing Communications. According to Pam, “It hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies.”

Of course, the road to success is difficult. But Pam looks at those hardships fondly, realizing that those moments were exactly what she needed to gain valuable experiences in navigating her career.

For Pam, OMG’s environment really encourages self-development to its employees by helping them acquire new skills. It has helped her achieve greatness in her work and led her to the pursuit of being ahead of the game. Because of Pam’s dedication to go the extra mile, she now holds a managerial position at such a young age.

Never stop learning – Janin Tabora

Some are naturally born with it, some have to learn the ropes along the way. This was Janin’s story as she started in 2018 as a Billing and Contracts Associate at OMG. She admitted that it was a challenge for her at first and needed to learn with a little supervision.

But this sparked more passion within Janin. She devoted her time understanding the ins and outs of the department. Janin never stopped learning.

Now, she’s the new Finance Supervisor – the backbone of the company’s operations, ensuring its proper financial, accounting, and legal processes. Janin reached this success because she didn’t live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. She believes that growth comes at the expense of comfort. Janin’s road to excellence may have taken an organic and long-term process, but she successfully reached the top with life-long learnings she can take to grow even more.

These career stories are diverse in so many ways. Some succeeded young, some changed their paths, and others took the time to grow. However, they had one thing in common – they were part of a company that guided them to their victories today.

You just have to believe in two things: your company and yourself. Together, you will grow. And one day, you’ll find yourself sharing your own piece of advice to the success that you’ll soon reach.

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