Purpose Over Profit Wins At The Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2022

The Chairman and CEO of AGC Power Holdings Corporation (AGC PHC), Archie Carrasco, was adjudged as Master Entrepreneur for Media and Entertainment at Asia’s most prestigious award-giving body for entrepreneurial excellence.

The man behind AGC Power Holdings Corporation (AGC PHC) wins yet another accolade for his outstanding innovation in business. Last June, he received a nod at the Asia Leaders Awards as one of the 15 Rising Tigers and Nation Builders under the Men and Women Who Matter List 2022. This year, he reaches even higher heights at an acclaimed entrepreneurial organization, the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2022.

Enterprise Asia Chairman Dr. Fong Chan Onn, Penang Head of State Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, Chairman and CEO of AGC PHC Archie Carrasco

Mounted as a special gala dinner last October 20 in Penang, Malaysia, the event congregated top innovators across industries like mining, food and beverage, real estate, and finance, among others. Chairman and CEO of AGC PHC Archie Carrasco stands in the hall of fame as he was named Master Entrepreneur in the Media and Entertainment industry.

Grounded on institutionalizing sustainability, fostering innovation, and accelerating growth, the APEA has empowered entrepreneurs since 2007 with over 2,000 members connected through the spirit of business. As the premier entrepreneurial award recognition program in Asia, it promotes business development as an essential asset to a country’s economic advancement, thus empowering the legacy of entrepreneurs.

Navigating business in the era of COVID-19 marked the theme of this year’s APEA. Chairman of Enterprise Asia, Dr. Fong Chan Onn, explained in his opening speech that responsible entrepreneurship became a key driver in paving the path to positioning Asia at the top of the worldwide economic reset.

Awarded with honor by Penang’s Head of State, His Excellency Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, Carrasco was applauded for building one of the most influential media conglomerates from the ground up during the pandemic, AGC PHC.

From just a single homegrown publishing company, One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI), he grew the ecosystem with diverse subsidiaries — Digistar PH, home of digital movers, with 360-degree marketing services; 7640, a full-scale production house led by young entrepreneurs dedicated to producing local music and video content to uplift Filipino talent to a world-class standard; and Mega Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI), a global media powerhouse that acquired Nylon Manila and Vogue Philippines.

AGC PHC Corporate Affairs Team. Creatives Associate Alecs Beltran, Head of Corporate Affairs Randolf Palanca, AGC PHC Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, Copy Chief Eliza Santos

Carrasco shares the stage with 25 exemplary business leaders and enterprises across Asia. Other veterans were also recognized, such as President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola Philippines, Frederick Ong; Founder and CEO of Bataras Malaysia, Goh Thian Teck; Founder of LCY Development Brunei, Francis Lau Choo Yew; President and Chief Executive of Government Savings Bank Thailand, Vitai Ratanakorn; and Stamcorp International Singapore Founder, Nikhil Kumar.

As Carrasco continues to cement his reputation in the business sphere, he never forgets his guiding principle of “Purpose Over Profit”. For him, one should be committed to positively impacting the lives of others, whether it may be your audience or your employees. And through AGC PHC, he creates meaningful content in media that showcases the talent of Filipinos while providing opportunities for hundreds of employees.

“When your intention is pure, magic happens naturally—and the right path to your purpose becomes clear. This is what this award means to me and my entire team: affirmation that the energy and passion that we pour into our work is leading us towards a higher purpose,” he states with great pride.

AGC PHC Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, Chief Operating Officer Cecille Ngo, Head of Corporate Affairs Randolf Palanca