Mawi De Ocampo Brings Her Decades of Publishing Experience Into Her New Role as Managing Editor of Lifestyle Asia

After announcing its new editor-in-chief, Candice “Candy” Dizon, Lifestyle Asia welcomes  Maritess “Mawi” De Ocampo as its managing editor. De Ocampo joins the Philippines’ first  luxury magazine with vast experience in the publishing industry, from the editorial realm to the  business world.

Exciting times are ahead for Lifestyle Asia as it embarks in a new direction, ” says Archie Carrasco, the CEO of One Mega Group. “After the appointment of Candy Dizon as the new  Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Asia, I am happy to welcome Mawi as the new Managing Editor. With her decades of expertise in publishing, there’s no doubt Mawi will be a great addition to the team.”

Carrasco added that, most importantly, De Ocampo’s values are aligned with the brand, “after all, Lifestyle Asia is not about material wealth, it is about having a true purpose. This is what sets our media brand apart from the rest.”

As a working mom and corporate communications professional for more than 20 years, beyond writing and editing, De Ocampo specializes in internal and external corporate communications, marketing communications, content creation, public relations, corporate social responsibility, and crisis management. She has executed these skills in various media outlets and firms in real  estate, healthcare, banking, hospitality, and the performance arts.

Even after entering diverse roles, De Ocampo arrives at Lifestyle Asia as her return to the world of publishing and editorial work—what she considers an undying passion.

“Mawi de Ocampo is an accomplished editor with years of publishing and brand experience. She returns to her first love which is editorial work and storytelling,” says Peewee Isidro–Reyes, Vice President for Content of One Mega Group. “Her values, alongside her mission to be of  service to others, is definitely aligned with Lifestyle Asia’s DNA and purpose. We are excited to have her as part of the Lifestyle Asia Team.”

“Her values, alongside her mission to be of service to others, is certainly aligned with Lifestyle  Asia’s DNA and purpose. We are excited to have her on board as she is a great addition to the growing team.”

As Lifestyle Asia continues to go “beyond luxury living,” De Ocampo aims to advance just that by providing more meaningful content. “My personal values as an editor are to inspire and educate because when we inspire and educate, we also empower and enable,” she shares. “I would love to build further on ‘beyond luxury living’ by advocating the “new luxury,” and from my  own point of view, luxury equates to freedom—the freedom to be and do. I believe free will is the greatest gift our Creator gave us and empowered us with.”

For De Ocampo, luxury is when people with power, privilege, and influence use their tools to empower others. She counts that “true luxury” is when philanthropy is part of one’s active deeds.

“Using one’s blessings of wealth to transform lives—that is luxurious,” De Ocampo states. “And  when we feature such human beings in our pages, we transform minds and hearts, create  culture change and spark the desire in other powerful members of society to go out there and  do their part to help—then we have made a difference, and we’ve done our job.”

De Ocampo continues, “I believe that at the heart of editorial work is service, and I feel blessed  and grateful for this opportunity to return to my first and real love (editorial work) where I can  honor my divine purpose and soul mission.”

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Candy Dizon Leads Lifestyle Asia As Its 5th Editor-In-Chief In 35 years

Lifestyle Asia is welcoming new editor-in-chief Candice “Candy” Dizon this August. The title has exemplified going beyond luxury living for over 30 years by telling stories of society’s personalities, art, culture, fashion, and the accouterments of refined and gracious living. 

“Being offered the position of editor-in-chief is a major challenge, but taking on big challenges offers the best rewards. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of the Lifestyle Asia family,” Dizon prefaces before her maiden issue. 

As one of the country’s most renowned jewelers, she is nostranger to the Philippine luxury scene. She heads her late mother’s empire, Jul B. Dizon Jewelry, with her siblings, Cedric, Janina, Christopher, and sisters-in-law Lucille and Ginny. 

At the same time, Dizon was a fashion contributor and columnist of Lifestyle Asia’s stablemate, and is one of the top columnists of (OMC)

“Lifestyle Asia is the oldest magazine in the country and has been led by well-respected editors since the beginning. With the brand’s new direction to go global, there are many tasks to be accomplished. I need someone dedicated to the brand to ensure our vision becomes a reality,” says Archie Carrasco, the CEO of One Mega Group. 

“Candy has grown with Lifestyle Asia. She has been featured countless times in the magazine. One can say that Lifestyle Asia is genuinely in her DNA. Aside from her status in society and the industry, family background, and global connections, Candy is at a point in her life where she wants to give back and provide meaningful content, beyond luxury living, to the next generation.” 

Under Dizon’s leadership, Carrasco adds that he’s optimistic about the publication soaring higher on the global stage. “I am excited and looking forward to experiencing the title from a new perspective. It’s time for a Filipino magazine to be seen worldwide, and with Candy at the helm, Lifestyle Asia will be the pioneer,” he adds. 

With the Philippines’ first luxury publication under her wing, Dizon will continue the title’s pursuit of introducing people of substance and experiences that readers have yet to explore—something she has accomplished at OMC

“Candy and her family have appeared in Lifestyle Asia numerous times and have grown up with the brand. Her experience and expertise in bespoke luxury pieces have allowed her mastery of what appeals to the market. Aside from her know-how in jewelry, her fine taste is innate and includes points of interest such as travel, fashion, and home— pillars that make up the brand,” says Peewee Isidro–Reyes, Vice President for Content of One Mega Group. 

“Aside from this, she is also adept with the emerging youth and cuts across generations. She will definitely bring new energy to Lifestyle Asia. She is an accomplished creative who knows the value of meaningful storytelling and has a unique point of view. We are excited to see how she can take the brand further.” 

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The First Lifestyle Asia Homes Explores the Impeccable Beverly Hills Vacation Home of Alice Eduardo.

The “Woman of Steel” takes us on a tour of her Italian-style Beverly Hills residence as she shows her love for gardens, entertaining guests, and creating spaces of comfort for her family.

Lifestyle Asia Homes allows us to enter into the most beautifully-curated and tasteful homes of some of the most influential people in Philippines society. Setting the tone of the magazine, the very first issue of Lifestyle Asia Homes takes readers on a tour of Alice Eduardo’s Italian-style vacation home in Beverly Hills, California. With her moniker as the “Woman of Steel”, Eduardo was the founder Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation. It is through her leadership that her company has achieved prominence and authority. 

As the president and CEO discussed the inspiration behind her Los Angeles residence, Eduardo stated that, “I look at every commercial project as a passion project. Each is a fresh opportunity to display our expertise in the field. The end user must be safe, comfortable, and able to perform their activities in the most efficient way possible. My approach to building a house is no different.”

The Influences Behind Her Beverly Hills Home

With its picturesque view consisting of fountains, ponds, and greenery, the influences of Italian style are apparent in Alice Eduardo’s vacation home. Eduardo opted for a residence in Los Angeles because of its convenience. She described LA as having, “easy flights, milder temperatures, a good mix of accessible urban and outdoor pursuits, and a vibrant dining scene.” 

What made her settle for Beverly Hills was its incredible greenery catering to her love for gardens and trees. The selling point of her brand new residence in particular was its magnificent garden reminiscent of the ones found only in Italy. Despite describing her latest home as modern tropical, the aesthetic she opted for was inspired by her affinity for classic Italian style.

Spaces of Comfort

In designing her Beverly Hills residence, Alice Eduardo had her family, especially her three kids in mind. Enlisting the help of Architect Ed Calma, she designed spaces that will allow her family to feel comfortable and at ease in her Los Angeles home. It was also important to give her parents easy access to move around the house and enjoy the garden. 

Along with her family, Eduardo also wanted to feel comfortable in her own space. She cites the bedroom as her favorite place in which she, “can let her hair down and spend some all-important ‘me for me’ [time].”

Entertaining Guests

Given her numerous passion projects and initiatives, Alice Eduardo has become accustomed to entertaining guests in her home. Her passion projects include building a pediatric ward at the Philippine General Hospital to help young cancer patients and partnering with Go Negosyo to inspire local entrepreneurs. Eduardo has made it her goal to ensure that the guests that visit her house feel comfortable and special.  “I get a sense of fulfillment when my guests have a wonderful time when they are in my home,” the CEO and president stated. 

With a place as magnificent as her Beverly Hills home, it will come as no surprise that every element of her beautifully curated space will exceed everyone’s expectations as soon as they set foot into her residence.

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Lifestyle Asia Issued Its First E-Cover for 2022 Featuring CEO Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan discusses keeping operations running while protecting the company’s employees, implementing their digitization efforts, discovering opportunities despite the pandemic, and his hopes for a post-pandemic future.

For nearly two years, the country has been plagued by the pandemic, lockdowns, and regulations that have taken a toll on businesses. This can prove to be hopeless for business leaders as they struggle to keep operations running. Despite this, Kevin Tan, the CEO of Alliance Global Group Inc., remains optimistic that the pandemic will turn into an endemic sometime this February. He believes that all the businesses under Alliance Global, especially those affected by the restrictions, will greatly benefit from Covid case levels going down once again. According to Tan, “this will definitely speed up the reopening of the economy and will likely result in lesser or no restrictions at all, which our businesses are largely dependent on.”

Tan states that the greatest strength of Alliance Global is its diverse business portfolio which includes various industries such as retail, food, beverages, and hospitality. Under Alliance Global are Megaworld, Emperador, Travellers/ Resorts World Manila, Mcdonald’s Phil, and Infracorp. While businesses were closing during the pandemic, Tan took this as the time to learn valuable lessons to further grow his company and to prepare for a post-pandemic world. In the February digital issue of Lifestyle Asia, the business leader discussed how he keeps operations running despite the global pandemic along with his hopes for the future of businesses once this ends.

Protecting the Employees

During the global pandemic, Tan made the health and well-being of his employees his number one priority. According to him, “We know that our people are our greatest resource and our goal has always been to keep them and their families safe and secure.” First, Tan ensured job security for his employees wherein they were able to retain their jobs and still get their monthly salaries. Along with this, he provided care packages and financial support to those employees that got sick. Lastly, as soon as the vaccines became available, Alliance Global made sure that their employees would immediately get vaccinated.

Digitization Efforts

Kevin Tan realized that no company was spared from the economic toll of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, what kept Alliance Global afloat despite the restrictions brought by the pandemic was his company’s digitization efforts. He stated that, “by pursuing a contactless strategy and migrating to more digital processes, we were able to connect and fully address the immediate needs and remain relevant to our customers and clients, while ensuring business continuity.” Alliance Global’s digitization efforts included e-wallets, digital payment systems, contactless parking, virtual showrooms, and after-sales service. 

New Opportunities

Instead of focusing on its negative aspects, Tan used the pandemic as a way to identify any gaps in Alliance Global’s management plans. Aside from ensuring the health and safety of his employees, Tan also needed to prioritize the company’s financial future. With this, Alliance Global was able to calibrate their strategies to adapt to the new normal. In doing so, “this allowed us to remain functional and fully operate within the limitations of the business environment,” Tan stated. One example of Alliance Global’s strategies to adapt to the pandemic was increasing its outdoor dining spaces. Alfresco dining became the trend during the pandemic since it was the safest way of dining in restaurants. Another achievement that Tan was most proud of was repurposing spaces that were not being used in malls and townships as vaccination centers which allowed LGUs to distribute the vaccines more efficiently. 

Kevin Tan Hopes for the Future

Tan looks forward to welcoming everyone back to the malls, hotels, and tourism development once the pandemic comes to an end. According to the businessman, “Nothing satisfies me more than being able to bring added value and happiness to families and our customers and I am very optimistic that we will be able to open our doors to everyone once this pandemic is over.” Tan remains optimistic for the future and believes that the lessons he learned after going through a global health crisis will only help his company deal with future economic disturbances. 

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On the Rise: Vogue Philippines is Set to Launch in 2022

The Philippine edition is Vogue’s 29th international title, and will launch as a “digital-first” media brand.

Vogue, the preeminent fashion and lifestyle title in the world and one of the most foremost authorities in style, is finally coming to the Philippines.

To be published under license agreement by Mega Global Licensing Inc., Vogue Philippines will launch in September 2022 and will be the latest international edition of the 129-year-old Condé Nast media brand. It comes on the heels of recently-launched titles Vogue Singapore and Vogue Scandinavia as well as a local market that continues to attract big names in fashion and retail.

“We’re thrilled to launch our 29th edition of Vogue in the Philippines, a country with a growing luxury fashion market and a vibrant creative scene,” says Markus Grindel, managing director, Global Brand Licensing, Condé Nast. “The title will launch as a digital-first media brand with a monthly print edition and will serve as an exciting addition to our global Vogue network.”

Vogue’s entrance emphasizes just how healthy the Philippine luxury market is, despite the global pandemic continuing to factor into the lives of millions of Filipinos. Fashion houses and upscale brands such as Balmain Paris, Assouline, and Virgil Abloh’s Off-White have opened or are opening boutiques.

With over 30 years of prestige publishing expertise through OMG, MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. will be under parent company AGC Power Holding Corp., which now expands its portfolio to include international print and digital titles. OMG currently publishes the likes of Mega, Lifestyle Asia, Modern Parenting, BluPrint, and Nylon Manila.

“The Filipino talent has been ready to be received by the world for decades now and with certainty, I can say that the market, too, is finally ready,” says Archie Carrasco, chairman and CEO of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. “The two are meeting at the perfect juncture at the perfect time and the long wait is over. We are excited to announce the arrival of Vogue Philippines.”

Vogue Philippines’ mission is “to create a Vogue that marries the past with the future, street with couture, and the Philippines with the rest of the world. Vogue Philippines will be a magazine and a digital brand that is forward, artfully done, but more importantly, inspirational. It will dialogue with a local and regional audience while maintaining the international standards of the Vogue brand.”

Starting out as a weekly in New York in 1892, Vogue has grown both in circulation and influence in the decades since. Apart from its international editions—including fashion bibles British Vogue and Vogue Italia—it has also launched other titles under Vogue US, including Teen Vogue and Men’s Vogue.

Vogue is also published in Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic and Slovakia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico & Latin America, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Vogue editors past and present loom large in the global fashion scene. The words, decisions, and opinions of the likes of Anna Wintour, Emmanuelle Alt, Franca Sozzani, and Alexandra Shulman can make or break designers, brands, and businesses. To be on the pages of any Vogue edition carries enough meaning to merit its own headline.  

Vogue’s arrival in the country, therefore, can only be met with optimism for a market that is itching to get up after a challenging two years.

Vogue Philippines will soon go live on and @voguephilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

Banner Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

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