Victoria Herrera Steps In As AGC PHC’s AVP for Marketing Communications

An exceptional marketer joins the ever-expanding ecosystem to propel new and exciting content that will rise above the noise.

In an industry with an overwhelming amount of stories shared, it gets challenging for audiences to filter through the space. What usually cuts through instantly are those that thrive on quick clicks and trendy content. But to create meaningful content anchored on the same values, quality, and deep thinking is another thing. This is where the new AVP for Marketing Communications of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) enters — brand strategist and seasoned entrepreneur, Victoria Herrera.

She started her media career as a contributing freelance writer at 16 years old to the now defunct Meg Magazine under One MEGA Group Inc. (OMGI). “OMGI gave me my first opportunities in media — so I am pretty convinced that it’s fate that 20 years later, I’m now working in this company. It’s a full circle moment for me,” she narrated.

Since then, Herrera has carved her journey in several aspects of the industry from creatives to business. Now leading a new path in the publishing world, she noted, “My vision for the Philippine magazine industry is that it becomes a thriving place for quality content that enriches people’s minds, hearts, and souls.” Herrera said, “It is our responsibility to provide messages that add positively, whether it is beauty, fashion, art, culture, sports, business, and heritage.” She added, “We want to create loyal communities and readership around our brands. I believe in the power of quality content coupled with building rich communities that champion our values. ”

With AGC PHC’s growing pool of prestige titles, now 14 magazines and counting, Hererra’s strategy is all about creating tailored tactics that support each brand identity and target market. “Strengthening our relationships to media platforms in the market and understanding how every platform works is key,” she stated. Most importantly, grasping a wider perspective of how the entire ecosystem can work more efficiently with all brands hand in hand is an essential for Herrera.

AGC PHC’s lineup of magazines catch the perfect mix of media — some hold traditional authoritative honor and some set a voice for today’s generation. For Herrera, this blend of old and new equips the ecosystem to explore not just one aspect of media, but create a whole new and total experience. “Right now, I can see the opportunities in creating engaging brand engagements that connect online touch points to offline experiences. It’s not one strategy, but more of creating a culture of becoming obsessed with knowing our audiences.“ she explained.

The conglomerate also carries with it a legacy that Herrera wishes to continue — a legacy that has a weight of trust and integrity, a legacy that influences every decade’s cultural conversation. “Communicating the history and heritage of our own legacy brands to our audiences through new media brand experiences would be an interesting opportunity for us to take. There is a certain level of respect and honor when you know that something has stood the test of time, with deep thought put into the creation of the work,” she stated.

Beneath it all, Herrera’s goals all lead back to paying forward and growing the industry. She wants to inspire the industry’s next generation and help them realize their own dreams too. “I learned that creativity is about co-creating in a community with a shared vision and lifting others up,” she said. As the new AVP for AGC PHC’s Marketing Communications, Herrera makes it her mission to raise an environment of creativity that comes with a purpose. More than just marketing a brand and putting it out there for an audience, marketing for her is about growing a meaningful culture and community, and most importantly, passing on a legacy.