The GAME Appoints Amanda Fernandez As Its Editor-In-Chief

Bringing her unique perspective and storytelling to the forefront of the newest media title under One MEGA Group, the athlete and entrepreneur is ready to elevate Philippine sports as the title’s new Editor-in-Chief.


here’s truly no better time to be a Filipino than today. The continued rise of sports in the country has directed the spotlight to international podium wins from left to right. But more than athletes that bring home pride are also coaches, trainers, team owners, and even fans creating action behind the scenes. Launched yesterday, The GAME is dedicated to glorify these different perspectives in a new light. As the country’s latest aspirational sports lifestyle magazine, it will capture unparalleled action of not just the players, but the whole sports community who fuel the game.

The Editor-in-Chief In Her Game

Alongside Founding Publisher James Leonard Cruz, Amanda Fernandez steps in as The GAME’s Editor-in-Chief (EIC).

A former football athlete who represented the Philippines in different international games, she now uplifts stories that shape the industry she grew up in. “Being in this position is but another way for me to give back to sports for what it did for me growing up,” she says.

To have knowledge for a sport is essential, but to actually step into a player’s shoes is something else – and only Fernandez can bring this unique point of view. Given her experience, The GAME’s EIC exactly knows what stories the world needs to hear.

For Fernandez, “Powerful stories is one of the best ways of replaying moments over and over again. Storytelling can make us believe the impossible.” She adds that more than just highlighting great moments, detailing every aspect that led up to that win is important — practices, injuries, team dynamics, coaches, organizations, federations, and everything in between.

“As a brand and as a platform, The GAME should be able to tell stories that inspire and build value holistically to both the sport itself, as well as players and the community that engage in it. By highlighting ideas, perceptions, and stories from unique and unbiased angles, we hope to build an honest community that respects all aspects of sports and healthy living,” Fernandez adds.

With the platform she is given as EIC, Fernandez hopes to swing the public’s eye to every individual that makes a sport happen, giving the whole community the recognition they deserve.

“Athletes are but one component of a well oiled machine that operates to change, inspire, and elevate communities. And we must celebrate all the pieces that come together to make historical moments be remembered one story at a time. The GAME aims to fill the gaps I believe our sports community craves for in terms of storytelling and I could not be more excited to be part of a team that wants to not only tell stories, but show love to every piece that builds on and is responsible for that great moment,” she concludes.

It’s time to show what sports is truly all about. With miles of stories from different perspectives waiting to be told, there should be a platform that hits no breaks. And Fernandez is getting in her game to do just that.

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