Say Hello To NYLON Manila’s New Editor-In-Chief, Ayn Bernos!

A dream-come-true moment, Ayn Bernos takes the reins as Editor-in-Chief of NYLON Manila, ushering in an exciting new era for the publication.

Even before NYLON Manila landed in the Philippines in November 2020, the publication was always envisioned as an ever-evolving brand that adapted to, led, and spoke with the times. Like with Gen Z, NYLON Manila continues to grow and innovate as we champion all corners of the Philippine youth. As such, being a voice for the Filipino Gen Z means knowing when it’s time to tell a new chapter.

That’s the case for us as we enter a new era in 2023. NYLON Manila is ready to tell a bigger, bolder, and braver story this year and beyond, all while being led by a new Editor-in-Chief suited for the task. That’s none other than Ayn Bernos.

Ever since embarking on the world of content creation seven years ago, Ayn Bernos has made a name for herself as one of Pinoy netizens’ favorite social media personalities. Whether it be championing Morena beauty through Kayu Beauty and Morena the Label, teaching people how to speak proper English on TikTok, or giving important life advice on her chart-topping podcast, the multimedia storyteller has done it all. Her new role as NYLON Manila’s EIC is another feather in her cap, one that also began in editorial.

“It’s truly a full-circle moment to be joining NYLON Manila as its Editor-in-Chief when, many years ago, I began my career as an editorial intern at One Mega Group Inc,” shares Ayn, whose first internship was being an editorial assistant for Celebrity Mom in 2014. The nine years since have seen her build a trail-blazing career, experiences that have given her the skills to lead NYLON Manila to its next chapter. “I believe that all roads led me back here to continue telling stories about Filipino culture while advocating for and amplifying the voices of our Filipino youth.”

NYLON Manila was, is, and will continue to be guided by the principle of highlighting the vast colors of the Filipino Gen Z. And social media plays a big part in that. The Gen Z experience isn’t complete without social media and its many ways that allow people to tell their story. This is something Ayn knows all too well as a purposeful content creator and former social media specialist. And with her at the helm, that will continue, with an eye towards the future.

“My number one objective as the Editor-in-Chief is to future-proof NYLON Manila. It’s a fascinating time to be in the publishing industry as a digital-first brand, and there are so many opportunities to maximize social media to bring our big, bold, and brave stories even closer to our audience.” Ayn Bernos has an inherent ability to make her audience feel seen and heard, something NYLON Manila always strives for in its content. With Ayn’s leadership, the brand is ready to go further in that mission. “My job is to make sure the right people know it, so we can continue this commitment for decades to come. At the core of this vision are collaboration, conversation, and community.”

Ayn Bernos becoming the new EIC of NYLON Manila is like the best of both worlds. The editorial world has always been there for her, and social media is a medium she has continuously succeeded in. And as the playground of Gen Z, social media is where NYLON Manila will make its presence known in even more ways.

Having a content creator as the Editor-in-Chief of an international magazine is an interesting move, to say the least. But NYLON Manila is all about breaking boundaries and setting trends. Ayn Bernos brings her expertise, craft, and vision to the publication at a time when the status quo won’t cut it anymore. It’s a new, colorful, and vibrant era for NYLON Manila, and we can’t wait to show you what Ayn and the rest of the team have in store for you in the months and years to come. The only question is, are you ready for it?

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