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One MEGA Group, Inc. (formerly known as MEGA Magazines and Publications, Inc. and MEGA Publishing Group) is a Filipino media company focused on content publishing in a variety of platforms, including print magazines, e-magazines, and propriety websites. It was founded by Sari V. Yap on October 20, 1991, who served as President and CEO of the company and as Editor-in-Chief of flagship brand MEGA Magazine.

One MEGA Group is majority-owned by Archie Carrasco, who has served the company since 2007 and is currently its CEO. One MEGA Group delivers the best of local and international design and lifestyle trends to a discerning market. One MEGA Group’s potent mixture of innovation and excellence has resulted in entertaining and socially responsible homegrown media brands that positively influence the lifestyle of Philippine society. One MEGA Group is the authority in all things fashion, lifestyle, home, and design. It continuously provides thought-provoking editorials that discuss relevant issues in society and inspire its readers.

To date, One MEGA Group is the prestige publisher of MEGA, MEGA Man, MEGAStyle, MEGA Entertainment, MEGA Active, MEGA Drag, Lifestyle Asia, BluPrint, MyHome, Modern Parenting, ONEMEGA.com, and The Game.

Archie Carrasco, Sari Yap and Suki Salvador
Chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco, OMG Founder Sari Yap, Former President Suki Salvador


To inspire Filipinos through its pioneering, entertaining, and socially responsible products and services that positively impact the lifestyle of the society.


To be the standard for Filipino media excellence

Media Brands


For Filipinos of style and substance, MEGA Magazine is the gatekeeper of what’s hot and relevant in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. For over 30 years, the brand has provided its readers with deeper insights and diverse perspectives on the sartorially and socially relevant topics through its world-class style content presented in a practical and inspiring manner.

MEGAStyle Logo

MEGAStyle is an inclusive digital platform for zillennials that celebrates the youth’s success and their first milestones while providing a guide to discovering one’s personal style. MEGAStyle understands the importance of a connected generation and helps them to be the best version of themselves.

MEGA Man Logo

Tailored for the Filipino businessmen, MEGA Man provides a deeper insight and perspective in men’s style to help guide them in self-improvement.

MEGA Entertainment Logo

This is entertainment news and stories, elevated. MEGA Entertainment offers exclusive stories of local celebrities told with the distinct MEGA voice and top-notch style direction. MEGA Entertainment seeks to share a celebrity’s personal revelation, and document a milestone and other achievements that the subject chooses to divulge exclusively.

MEGA Drag is a platform that empowers and celebrates the art of drag and the stories of the community by reinventing beauty and fashion, pushing boundaries, and inspiring people of the modern world. It is an avenue for the community to be FIERCE, FABULOUS, and FREE. 

MEGA Active Logo

MEGA Active is a platform that features a holistic celebration of Filipino athleticism and wellness. Catering to a wider selection of the MEGA audience, MEGA Active delves into the world of fitness, health and wellness, and sports.

Lifestyle Asia Logo

Illustrating what it means to be truly luxurious, Lifestyle Asia presents stories of Philippine society’s most inspiring and powerful as they disclose their path to success.

Bluprint Logo

BluPrint is the leading authority of design and architecture in the Philippines and in the entire ASEAN region. Not only does it present internationally-renowned designs that transform spaces, but also those that transform the way people live.

Modern Parenting Logo

Modern Parenting serves as today’s modern parents’ companion in their parenting journey. It features a diverse selection of parents and aims to highlight this age’s many different kinds of exemplary parents.

The Business Manual aims to provide informative, authoritative and intellectual business content presented in an approachable, modern, and relevant manner. By marrying the concept of business and lifestyle, The Business Manual becomes the authority figure for business-minded and enterprising individuals across generations.

The Game Logo

One of our biggest motivations for launching this new media brand is the goal to upgrade the overall Filipino sports experience for athletes, fans and the community in general. By strategically combining a team of sports aficionados with the prestige lifestyle DNA of One Mega Group Inc, The GAME is set to be the new breed of Filipino sports entertainment which presents sports content with a very distinct lifestyle approach.

The Business Evolution

“The best things start small.” This was famously said by the iconic Sari V. Yap, founder of MEGA magazine and a giant in the Philippine publishing scene. Taking inspiration from a Spanish magazine called Telva, Sari desired to create a fashion magazine that caters especially to Filipino women. MEGA was born in 1992 with a great vision and ambition: to be the Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine. From its humble beginnings (its office was located beside a chicken farm), MEGA quickly established itself as the country’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazine publisher.

1992: Sari V. Yap established MEGA as the leading fashion and lifestyle magazine in the country. The logo, simple and straightforward, is realized in the original font of the magazine.

2007: After the launch of Meg, MyHome, BluPrint, and the acquisition of Lifestyle Asia, the expansion of MEGA continued by introducing more titles under its belt such as Appetite, Condo Living, Celebrity Living, and Inside Showbiz. Manifesting its growth, what was now known as MEGA Publishing Group saw a symbol of a tree encircled in red, with each brand represented in the branches.

MEGA Publishing Group
MEGA Publishing Group

2010: One MEGA Group started conquering the world of television beginning with the creation of Generation Mega. Shifting from the striking red, the color of MEGA Publishing Group, which still stood as the sturdy foundation for the tree, would change to blue as this represented stability. To further realize the expansion beyond print, more leaves sprouted from the tree, signifying growth.

2012: To stay relevant in a highly-dynamic global market, One MEGA expanded the reach of its titles. The signature titles were no longer limited to its magazines, but instead evolved to be multi-platform media brands making each title available in print, television, events, and digital. This evolution meant a change in the logo. The word “One” in the new name meant one ecosystem.

One Mega Group Inc 2012

2021: The brand new logo of One MEGA Group Inc. is a dandelion, which represents clarity and ease in facing the future. Surrounding the beautiful flower that is continuously growing and representing OMG as a trendsetter and an influencer to all audiences, is a new palette of pastel colors that symbolize happiness and positivity.

In The Beginning

MEGA 1992

Sari Yap brought the industry of glossy fashion magazines to the Philippines when she founded MEGA back in 1992. She built MEGA during a time when the business was unheard of and unseen in the country. At the onset of MEGA’s rich history, it was already breaking barriers as the maiden issue featured top Filipina model Gerone Olorocisimo. With its signature bold masthead, this new magazine caught the eye of the new market of fashion-forward Filipinos.

Surviving Challenges

MEGA 1998

When the Asian Regional Crisis struck the country in 1997, extending until 1998, the business of luxury was greatly impacted and with that, MEGA. In order to survive, there was a need to increase the variety of magazines MEGA offered. There needed to be a brand that was not dependent on luxury and will cater to the youth who patronize more affordable, everyday brands. Meg emerged in 1998 to capture this younger generation of stylish readers.

BP 1999

BluPrint was launched as the country’s first architecture and design sourcebook. The title allowed the company to venture out into industries outside of fashion and lifestyle, featuring architecture and the allied arts—interior design, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental planning, including fashion and furniture design. BluPrint was later expanded to other magazines including MyHome and Condo Living.

The Acquisition

A banner year for the company, Lifestyle Asia, the oldest glossy magazine in the Philippines, solidified the group’s veritable magazine empire in the Philippines. Also part of its roster were Celebrity Living and Inside Showbiz, which extended its reach to the entertainment industry. Inside Showbiz was published as a print magazine until in 2016 before transitioning as a website thereafter until 2019.

Brand Expansion


The company expansion continued through the acquisition of magazines that cater to various industries to grow the reach of its titles. The addition of world-class Filipino magazines included Appetite and MyHome, which grew the influence of the company in the fields of food along with home and design. Appetite magazine was printed until 2016 while MyHome magazine was printed until 2018. Now under BluPrint as a sub-brand under its website, MyHome is still available on social media along with its quarterly e-magazines.

Going Higher

Condo Living

One MEGA Group continued to grow its empire in 2007 with the launch of Condo Living, a title that featured everything about the sky-high lifestyle. The magazine included interior design tips which taught readers how to be comfortable in their own space. Now consolidated as one of BluPrint’s sub-brands under its website, Condo Living is still available on social media along with its quarterly e-magazines.

Calendars And Books


Seeing that there was a need to create executions appropriate and necessary for specific markets, One MEGA started producing cook books and calendars for Appetite in 2008. Soon after, other titles would mark milestones with coffee table books from 2010 such as MyHome (2016), Lifestyle Asia (2013), MEGA (2019), and MEGA Weddings (2018). And in 2014, the company published Paano Ba ‘To?! (How To Survive Growing Up) by Bianca Gonzalez.

TV Shows

Moving beyond the world of publishing, One MEGA Group ventured into television, beginning with the birth of Generation MEGA, a fashion design competition. Generation MEGA eventually led to more TV shows including I am Meg, MEGA Fashion Crew, MyHome TV, Appetite Wars and much more that aired on cable channels and free TV in the Philippines and abroad.

Multi Platform

MEGA Anne Curtis

When the time came to extend its reach, One MEGA Group brought its signature glossy magazines to multiple platforms and channels. Going global allowed One MEGA Group to stay relevant and keep up with the demands of the ever-changing market. MEGA realized the importance of being available on a digital platform to stay ahead with this new digital age and to reach not only younger readers but the international market as well.

Her Legacy Lives On


One of the darkest times for the group. On September 9, 2019, its founder, Sari V. Yap, passed away after battling cancer. “I think of when I started, and what I’ve become, and how I’ve evolved with the magazine. Some people might feel sad about it, when they realize that their time or their job is done, but with me I don’t feel that way,” she once said in the Making MEGA in South Africa documentary. “It’s because I feel that I have truly done what I was supposed to do, which was to make sure MEGA, my legacy, outlives me. And I think that’s the hallmark of a good founder.”

Before her passing, Sari Yap appointed Archie Carrasco as the second President and CEO of One MEGA Group. Through his guidance, the multi-platform business was reconsidered and recalibrated to even greater heights.

New Beginning


As the world settled into the new normal brought by the global pandemic, One MEGA Group had to adjust to the drastic changes of the once fast-paced media industry. The company rationalized that magazines did not serve their purpose anymore and thus needed new media brands that would better connect the company to its audience.

ONEMEGA.com Logo

This began One MEGA Group’s refresh of all its existing media brands. To better serve the public and adapt to the company’s vision of the future of Philippine media, One MEGA Group once again broke barriers by unifying industry experts and thought leaders in one place through the birth of ONEMEGA.com.

ONEMEGA.com is the ultimate Filipino lifestyle portal showcasing an elite list of columnists. It is composed of over 50 contributors who specialize in 15 different categories. Through its expert-backed content and its foundational value of being “the standard for Filipino media excellence,” the company now serves a dependable and established guiding light to Filipinos.

Onemega.com Logo

With a clearer direction set for OneMega.com, primarily focused on business with a hint of lifestyle, the new logo has adapted the brand’s goals of providing readers with inspiring, informative, and relevant stories with authority, credibility, and purpose. The new logo puts focus on the word ONE instead of MEGA to give the brand its own distinctive look. ONE is also synonymous to being on top, the alpha, the prime, and the best. The new logo is bold, commanding, and straightforward. This is the new ONEMEGA.com.

Turning 30


30 years later, as the movements of time and the birth of a new generation continually shape the consumption of communication, the company’s need to adapt to the necessary changes of context, circumstance, and crisis has turned the corner once more. This began with building and strengthening the ecosystem of One MEGA Group beyond just pure publishing. At the helm of transforming the company from a traditional media company to a multi-platform media conglomerate was Archie Carrasco, who now is Chairman and CEO of One MEGA Group, as well of AGC Power Holdings Corp., the marketing ecosystem that includes MEGA Global Licensing Inc., DigistarPH Inc., and Seven Six Four Zero, Inc. (7640). In April 2021, Suki Salvador took over the command of One MEGA Group after being appointed as the new President, while Carrasco, who still sits as the CEO, focuses on growth and expansion through AGC Power Holdings Corp.

As One MEGA Group celebrates three decades in the industry, the new and challenging current realities are proving to be a crucial time to evolve, to recalibrate the mindset within and to commit to growing within and beyond the industry.

To herald this new chapter in the company’s history, President of One MEGA Group, Suki Salvador introduced this new chapter with the reveal of a new symbol to signify the striking shift. “Our symbol is now a dandelion. It is a beautiful flower that is light, a flower that rises with very little effort. That’s who we will be. Our dandelion is also a seed that when planted, it grows and grows and grows,” he explains. “This represents our company, a true trendsetter in everything that we do, an influencer to any audience that we speak to. Our new logo can now also be used in different pastel variations, something that is calming and soothing, but also a palette that represents the current audience: young, energetic, and fun.”

The Future is Here


At the onset of its third decade as a dominant force in its various industries, One MEGA Group continues to aim higher and strive for better, with a grateful reverence for its past, but with an eye for the future and the now.

MEGA magazine celebrated its 30th year with a special 3-cover MEGA issue and a nationwide virtual celebration that saw all its iconic cover stars share their personal MEGA Story, causing a social media storm. 

The groundbreaking trio of covers saw MEGA underlining its commitment to uplift and empower the Filipino. It took on three of the biggest issues that were raging in the country: the devastation of our environment caused by natural and man-made disasters, the volatility of the upcoming presidential elections, and the plea for vaccines against the pandemic. While MEGA had always stood for something beyond beautiful fashion and images, this pioneering issue did this in the language of every relevant generation. If it wasn’t clear then, it was now: MEGA speaks to everyone.

Despite a global pandemic and widespread economic uncertainty marked by the challenges of fake news and political strife, it was clear that MEGA has retained its authority and its integrity. And it will continue to strive for this level of excellence into the future.

Along with celebrating three decades of Filipino media excellence, brand new additions to the illustrious MEGA brand were introduced, MEGA Active and MEGA Drag. Guiding people in the world of health, wellness, and fitness, MEGA Active is here to give you all the latest from workout and diet trends to trusted advice on your health and well-being in a fun and fashionable manner. Since its inception, it has featured the country’s very own world-class athletes including Olympic gold medalist, Hidilyn Diaz and volleyball superstar, Majoy Baron.

Being the first and longest-running fashion publication in the Philippines, MEGA has strived not only to adapt to the changing times, but to break barriers in the industry and put stories that positively impact the lives of others in the forefront of its pages. The magazine will continue to celebrate LGBTQIA+ advocates, icons, and trailblazers, as it introduces MEGA Drag. This platform seeks to empower and celebrate the art of drag and the stories of the community by elevating beauty and fashion to the next level, pushing boundaries, and inspiring people of the modern world to be FIERCE, FABULOUS, and FREE. Gracing the maiden issue of MEGA Drag was Paolo Ballesteros, who has gained worldwide acclaim for his jaw-dropping makeup transformations and showed how one can harness the power of drag in everyday life.

The Game

Continuing to elevate media entertainment, MEGA ventures into sports for the first time in 30 years. An aspirational lifestyle sports title, The GAME, is established to celebrate the true spirit of sports through the lens of the Filipino experience. 

The GAME has arrived to redefy how sports is viewed through shedding light on each and every individual in the community. It will chronicle the latest industry news, historical wins, and iconic stories that feature various perspectives from athletes on top of the play and coaches, team owners, even fans behind the scenes. Captured on The GAME’s inaugural issue is the historical victory of 17-year-old tennis prodigy Alex Eala and her post-championship at the juniors’ Grand Slam girls singles championship feat in the 2022 US Open in Flushing Meadows, New York. Highlighting her groundbreaking win, The GAME wanted to honor and recognize the talent that Filipinos can offer as they continue to rule the world of sports.

The Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine

Literature has taught us that every great story begins with a compelling beginning. Whether it is an imposing “In the beginning” or a more romantic “Once upon a time,” stories, however they play out, all start from a seed of an idea. Hope, intent, and a course of action will take root, eventually setting the narrative in motion, exciting readers to no end. But as thrilling as it is to pore through until the eventual end, when it comes down to it, we will always find ourselves looking back to page one, constantly flipping to the present and maybe taking a peek at the inevitable future, just so you know, to gain proper perspective. And for what One Mega Group is today, it all started from a dream and its steely, tenacious dreamer, Sari Yap.

When she was a graduate student in Pamplona, Spain, Sari Yap chanced upon Telva, a local fashion magazine for women. The cover she described had a woman with just enough makeup to highlight her natural features, a neat but effortless hairstyle and was photographed without any filters or gels. The cover girl had a warm skin tone, the kind that made you feel good. She described a cover that was relatable but aspirational at the same time. She grew obsessed with Telva, and that would serve as the inspiration for her dream of bringing a fashion publication to the Philippines. Tasked with completing a thesis, she thought, “I want to make a fashion magazine for the Filipina.” Sari graduated from Universidad de Navarra in Spain and took home much more than she brought. She brought a vision that would later teach women how to dress and live a meaningful life and look good while doing it.

Despite having a vision, Sari did not have a name or a brand that would allow it to come to life yet. She also had limited resources and experience. Instead of being burdened by her challenges, Sari boldly chose to embrace her ambitions. This led to her deciding on the name for her magazine: it was a short but impactful name that would mean big, large, classic, modern all at the same time. Sari did not want to be limited to fashion. She also did not want a Filipino name because she already had hopes of appealing to a global audience.

Sari Yap MEGA Magazine Thesis
Actual MEGA Magazine thesis of Sari Yap
MEGA 1992

Like all magazines, MEGA needed a leader and an Editor-in-Chief. Despite having zero publishing background, Sari thought, “How could I be the Editor-in-Chief if the only thing I had was a vision for women,” she shared. “Heck, it’s my magazine, I can do whatever I want.” And so she named herself the first Editor-in-Chief of MEGA. To ensure its publication, Sari called on Liza Ilarde who later became Editor-in-Chief to gate-keep its editorial point of view. She also enlisted Lorraine Belmonte to guard the visuals and art direction. Sari, Liza, and Lorraine became the triumvirate, the formidable three of the Philippine fashion industry. In February of 1992, Sari published her maiden issue with model Gerone Olocrisimo on the cover, her first legacy from her illustrious career.

The months and years to come would only become increasingly difficult. Despite being able to publish a maiden issue along with other compelling issues, the difficulty came in financially, sustaining the high cost of printing and production and truly living up to the words written on every spine of the magazine. How can a magazine possibly survive without fuel from advertisers?

Sari’s response was simple: if you make excellent and innovative content, and put it in the right place where the biggest audience could see it, the advertisers can’t help but take notice. She was right. Suddenly, MEGA moved the office from the original chicken farm where the only phone they used was the one by the nearby sari-sari store to an actual office complete with all the equipment they needed. They would receive phone calls and pretend to have an editorial, circulation, advertising, and finance department. Sari recalls that she would love it when she would receive calls that asked for a fax tone, this meant that a purchase order from an advertiser would be sent. This happened on the daily and would be Sari’s second legacy, the woman that made a business out of photographs and prose laced with integrity and excellence.

Then and today, she created the thickest magazines in the country, which were divided equally between editorial content and advertising. Even with milestones marked and lengthy expositions charted, it will always distill to the reader, whose perspectives will always shift. As the needs and desires of the audience change, Sari Yap once said, so does the multimedia company she built from the ground up. “We will change and lead if need be.”

Sari V. Yap kept on pushing the possibilities forward. Other than publishing magazines, she wanted to reach an even larger, broader audience, which would soon be her next legacy. While completing her print portfolio, she was already envisioning products and Filipino talents that could compete globally, as well as TV shows and fashion documentaries. Championing local talent was part of her mission and vision. She wanted to find emerging fashion designers and give them a platform to showcase their talent, creativity, and passion, so she launched the MEGA Young Designers Competition (YDC) in 1994.


Even before Project Runway, there was the YDC, the most prestigious competition for up-and-coming fashion designers. Established creatives such as Josie Natori, French Vogue editor Annie Flanders and Harper’s Bazaar and V Magazine’s Stephen Gan would select the finest young talent who had local flair and global appeal. Industry giants such as Furne One, Rajo Laurel, Mich Dulce, Ivarluski Aseron, Chris Diaz, and Gian Romano would soon become alumni of Sari’s YDC. YDC would later be viewed by a larger audience as a TV show on cable television.

In its commitment to Filipino fashion, MEGA introduced the MEGA Fashion Awards in 2001. Here, the best of the best, as well as of the thrilling emergence of talent was honored, recognizing the contributions to local fashion and beauty such as Inno Sotto, Cesar Lupo, Cecile Zamora, Jun De Leon, Henri Calayag, Patrick Rosas, Borgy Manotoc, Jo Ann Bitagcol, and Diether Ocampo.

MEGA Fashion Awards Magazine

In 2011, Sari wanted to shift the spotlight to the models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion stylists and hair stylists because they, too, deserved center stage. This is when she launched MEGA Fashion Crew (MFC), which she hosted together with top designer Avel Bacudio and perma-it girl, Raya Mananquil. Despite several years passing, contestants from MFC remain to be some of the brightest today including photographers, Niko Villegas, Dookie Ducay and Jerick Sanchez, fashion stylist Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, makeup artists Jelly Eugenio and Amanda Padilla, hair stylist Katchie Mejias, and models Monika Sta. Maria and Chelsea Robato. These individuals along with over 160 MEGA-worthy talents are working professionals in the industry today.

Her global aspirations did not stop with her hit TV shows for all the brands. This time she wanted to laud Filipinos who were excelling in foreign lands and at home. Together with Tim Yap, she created MEGA’s signature event, the annual MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball. At this world-class event, Sari and her 200 employees would join forces to give recognition to the work of designers, inventors, journalists, bloggers, musicians and other Filipinos from various industries. In later years, One MEGA Group would gather Filipinos for the #NewPH photo campaign, a coming together of Filipinos on Independence Day to pledge a promise to make the Philippines an improved country.

30 years down the road, One Mega Group is still at the prime and center of things. Making changes, innovating ideas, and blazing trails, this is what was then and it is what it will be in the years to come. This is One Mega Group blooming anew, proving why it is the Philippines’ best.


MEGA’s first multi-platform campaign, #MakingMEGA spans digital, print, video and events all in one. The making of MEGA Magazine — #MakingMEGA is a fashion documentary featuring the how’s and why’s of producing a magazine cover. With over 30 magazine covers produced in over 20 cities around the world, #MakingMEGA has become a signature campaign of the MEGA brand throughout the years. Having mastered the art of creating the multi-platform spectacle, #MakingMEGA resulted in some of the thickest magazine issues in MEGA history, multiple reprints, and millions of views on YouTube.

The show that catapulted some of the fashion industry’s biggest and most promising names makes a digital comeback as MEGA continues its thrust to dominate the digital fashion landscape.


The Philippines’ longest-running designers competition and the first homegrown fashion reality show from MEGA enters the world wide web. MEGA Young Designers Competition will continue to discover new talents and new perspectives, and will serve as the starting point for budding fashion icons all around the world.


As the pioneer source of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in the Philippines, it is certain that MEGA knows what’s best. The MEGA Fashion Awards grants various awards in fashion and beauty through an online awards show where the well-deserved winners will be given recognition amidst their peers and other nominees.


With expertise in beauty and style, MEGA conducts an annual conference to promote the best local and international beauty and style brands.


MEGA has always been known for discovering rising talents in the fashion industry. MEGA Fashion Week showcases local and international designers and brands under one digital platform. Exclusive access and interviews are streamed online.

The New PH Logo

A celebration of Philippine Independence, the MEGA Pinoy Pride was birthed in 2010. The campaign set the industry standard as it brought together the best, brightest, and most promising in entertainment, fashion, beauty, and culture every June 12th. Over a decade later, the iconic event is considered one of the most anticipated events in the fashion and entertainment industry. In 2015, the NewPH was born as MEGA continued to recognize notable figures from different slices of society who best represent the new breed of Filipinos today and most importantly, those who continue to push the boundaries within their respective industries. Seven years later, the NewPH photo campaign boasts over 30,000 participants and over 50 million social media reach.


The MEGA Experience Logo

Cover personalities walk us through a behind-the-scenes look into their #MEGAExperience as a MEGA cover star.

MEGA Designer Talks Logo

Every fold has a story, even sequin has a purpose. Delve into the creative process and the various inspirations of the Philippines’ best designers.

What makes a person MEGA? Get up close and very personal with the industry’s style stars as they divulge their passions, secrets and visions for the future.

Discover what all the cool kids are talking about. MEGAStyle Access brings you behind the scenes in the cover shoots with the country’s biggest influencers.

Sari Yap

From holding operations in a bare-bones office with a single rotary phone, the brand has since grown to iconic TV shows, landmark films, momentous events and magazine covers that have shaped the local fashion industry.

Mega 23 Women February 2015 Issue

Today MEGA stays true to its roots as the only publication that still offers print, while at the same time having a strong online presence known for its innovations, remaining an authority in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Since its inception, the company’s history has grown culturally and artistically rich but the formula for success has remained the same:
creation driven by passion.

Peewee Reyes Isidro

Today, Peewee Reyes-Isidro serves as the Editor-in-Chief of MEGA. Working in the fast-paced media industry, she ensures that her brand churns out relevant and inspiring content daily. As the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, she’s successfully pivoted from print to digital, expanding the MEGA empire to MEGA Man, MEGAStyle, MEGA Entertainment, MEGA Active, and MEGA Drag. According to Peewee Reyes-Isidro, “I try to be as real as I can be. As an Editor-In-Chief, I am expected to look and act a certain way. But ultimately, I am in this position because I always choose to be myself. My position requires me to lead and listen.”

Mega Magazine Cover

A fusion of fashion and purpose, MEGA is known for its meaningful stories that put the people first–what they want to see and need to know about. Even as the business and creative landscape change, MEGA remains relevant.

As the first and longest-running fashion publication in the country, MEGA, and its partner titles: MEGA Man, MEGAStyle, MEGA Entertainment, MEGA Active, and MEGA Drag cater to the far-reaching needs of its ever-evolving audience, all the while maintaining its core values and readers. As a brand, MEGA continues to be at the forefront, serving as an inspiration of publishing excellence.


MEGA Website

1,000,000 average monthly pageviews
450,000 average monthly active users
325,000 average monthly sessions
2,500,000 average monthly event count

Mega Magazine Cover
Average Monthly Circulations 

  Print 10,000 copies
  Emag 40,000 downloads
  Print 10,000 copies
  Emag 19,000 downloads
MEGA Entertainment
  Print 10,000 copies
  Emag 30,000 downloads
  WebZine 120,000 pageviews

Distribution Channels

Print: Shopee, Lazada, Subscriptions
Emag: Readly, Magzter, Zinio, Press Reader
WebZine: MEGA.onemega.com, Google News

Social Media

MEGAStyle Logo
MEGA Entertainment Logo
MEGA Man Logo



Managing Editor   VANESSA ABELLON

Group Creative Director   JANN PASCUA
Group Art Director MARC PAGDILAO
Sr. Graphic Artist   NICOLE ALMERO
Multimedia Artist   BRIEN VENTURA
Video Editor / Producer   REGINA ACERON, AUDREY SISON

Digital Content Writer / Producer   MIKA REYES

Fashion Director  RYUJI SHIOMITSU
Fashion Writer  MARIAN SAN PEDRO
Beauty & Features Writer  MIA CASTRO
Beauty Writer  MARA INCIONG

Group Publisher  JANINE RECTO

Founding Editor  SARI V. YAP (†)

Beyond Luxury Living

Lifestyle Asia is the first luxury publication in the country, prefacing the boom of glossy magazines over 30 years ago. 

Founded by Exequiel B. Garcia in 1987, it became MEGA’s rival when the latter was launched in 1992. Today, the brand continues to chronicle the lives and passions of society’s most important and exciting. Like its onetime rival, LA goes beyond the faces, delving into heritage, culture, fashion, art, food, business and the digital ecosphere.

According to Sari Yap, the moment she acquired Lifestyle Asia was the moment she felt that One MEGA Group was starting to become an empire. Sari soon stepped in as its new Editor-in-Chief, which was completely new for her at the time. Sari became responsible for reinventing Lifestyle Asia into what it is today, a magazine that goes beyond material wealth. She believed that:

Sari Yap

“You didn’t need to come from heritage, you could create your own heritage.”

– Sari Yap

Under Anna Sobrepeña’s leadership as Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle Asia redefined the magazine’s tagline, “living at its finest” to look beyond material wealth and embrace generosity and giving back. Sobrepeña’s contributions to Lifestyle Asia for eleven years has made the title one of the leading luxury magazines in the country. During her tenure, Lifestyle Asia emerged multi-awarded, winning top honors in various award giving bodies such as the Philippine Quill Awards numerous times.

Dong Ronquillo

In February 2019, Dong Ronquillo released his maiden issue of Lifestyle Asia after stepping in as the new Editor-in-Chief. Today, through his guidance, each monthly edition of Lifestyle Asia provides stories on premium dining places, leisure destinations, art, culture, and the accouterments of refined and gracious living.

He encourages the current Lifestyle Asia team to create a fresh, younger look and reflect the theme of “living a meaningful life” through the magazine’s content. Along with the new message, a lighter, more modern aesthetic was decided upon for the luxury magazine.

In August 2022, one of the country’s most prominent jewelers is named as Lifestyle Asia’s newest Editor-in-Chief. A chronicler of luxury and opulence, she’s none other than the renowned Candy Dizon. No stranger to the scene, her works have been spotted countless times in the magazine. Today, she takes over as its chief. Candy has a strong determination to bring the publication to the global stage while upholding the brand’s 30-year mission — to provide meaningful content that goes beyond luxury living. She also ushers a fresh vision that speaks to the emerging youth, unraveling people, experiences, and stories yet to be explored.

Every new issue features the lives of the the most influential and affluent individuals who have their respective philanthropies and advocacies that contribute to making the world a better place. This is the characteristic that distinguishes Lifestyle Asia from other luxury media brands. Lifestyle Asia redefines luxury living with utmost class and sophistication while continuously raising standards and reinventing Philippine society.

Lifestyle Asia goes beyond visible wealth.
It redefines what luxury is by featuring stories that send powerful and optimistic messages to its readers.
These are stories that uphold values that are universally considered as excellent.

LA Books

In 2015, Lifestyle Asia released its first coffee table book entitled RSVP Lifestyle Asia which featured tips on entertaining at home from the country’s top hosts and hostesses. RSVP Lifestyle Asia showcased tablescapes, recipes, and entertaining ideas for exceptional dining experiences. The book featured striking imagery, homemade recipes, and tips on entertaining guests from one’s home. The first book of Lifestyle Asia would soon be followed by more including the second edition of RSVP Lifestyle Asia and Lifestyle Asia Home & Away.

In the 2017 Philippine Quill Awards, Lifestyle Asia’s Editor-in-Chief at the time, Anna Sobrepeña and Assistant Editor Sara Siguion-Reyna accepted the magazine’s 6th Philippine Quill award. Winning in the Journalism Division was the magazine’s October 2016 cover story on Vice President Leni Robredo entitled, The Rise of a Stateswoman.


Lifestyle Asia Gala

In celebration of Lifestyle Asia’s 35th anniversary, the #LifestyleAsia35 will launch in May 2022 with a campaign that aims to raise awareness and funds for 35 different causes and advocacies. The campaign comes in partnership with 35 society members, each with a different advocacy or cause to support. The campaign will culminate with a Thanksgiving Gala in support of Lifestyle Asia’s chosen beneficiaries.

RSVP Lifestyle Asia
RSVP Lifestyle Asia Logo

As one of the longest-running events of Lifestyle Asia, RSVP Lifestyle Asia is an intimate celebration of the launch of the brand’s monthly issue among cover personalities and esteemed friends.

LA Speak Easy

LA Speak Easy is a quick chat with some of Lifestyle Asia’s favorite people about the things that they love. Every month features a different cover personality as they discuss topics such as wellness, self-care, and much more.


Lifestyle Asia Website

200,000 average monthly pageviews
125,000 average monthly active users
100,000 average monthly sessions
400,000 average monthly event count

LA Set
Lifestyle Asia Magazine

30,000 copies per issue

Print: Shopee, Lazada, Subscriptions
Emag: Readly, Magzter, Zinio, Press Reader
WebZine: lifestyleasia.onemega.com, Google News




Managing Editor   MAWI DE OCAMPO

Group Creative Director   JANN PASCUA
Group Art Director MARC PAGDILAO
Multimedia Artist   PAOLO TORIO

Digital Content Writer   MARIA ANGELICA CRUZ

Group Publisher  JANINE RECTO

The Architecture and Design Source in the Philippines and
Southeast Asia

BluPrint began by innovating ideas and concepts, not only in architecture but also in the fields of fashion, art, and interior design in the year 1999. Led by Bettina Bonoan, it was the country’s first architecture and design sourcebook. BluPrint was born as a response to the boom in the construction and design industry over two decades ago. Its purpose then was to highlight and improve concepts in design as the brand worked to produce materials that created more open-minded and competitive professionals in this field to attain a borderless economy.

Bettina Bonoan

In BluPrint’s very first editor’s note, founding Editor-in-Chief Bettina Bonoan wrote:

“As the professional’s new sourcebook, I hope it will be our partner in becoming the ‘architects’ of the new century that we have always wanted to be. Let it be an eye-opener to help us be responsible and creative ‘builders’ of the future.”

BluPrint 20th Anniversary

With numerous new technologies and innovations emerging that have changed traditions in construction, BluPrint has been able to evolve and stay relevant through the guidance of architect Bettina Bonoan, the magazine’s first Editor-in-Chief from 1999 to 2002, Paulo Alcazaren, who led BluPrint from 2002 to 2012 challenging the perspectives of Filipino architecture, Dominic Galicia from 2012 to 2013 compelling the community to become more introspective as designers, and Judith Torres, who took over from 2013 to 2018. BluPrint soon became the essential journal of the Philippine design community.

Back in the early 2000s, the Philippines needed global inspiration to level up the structures being built and BluPrint was able to showcase such international works to guide and open the eyes of both professionals and enthusiasts to all the possibilities out there.

Geewel Fuster

Presently, Architect Geewel Fuster is responsible for the new direction of the brand, introducing fresh concepts that will promote a repurposed, redesigned, and revitalized era of BluPrint.

Now with a clear vision of the future as a digital society, BluPrint is heading to an optimistic digitalization movement with more inclusive and diversified content in order to maintain the brand’s status as the Philippines’ definitive authority in Architecture and Design. Devised with new strategies, BluPrint will continue to deliver fresh and world-changing concepts, technologies, and methodologies in the years to come while remaining true to its culture and integrity.

In addition to its magazine, BluPrint now produces books (Blueprints for 2050, Design Better, Tropical Architecture for the 21st Century), events (BluPrint Circles), and videos (BluPrint Conversations, Notes on a Building, and Just A Minute).

In 2017, BluPrint published its first two sets of books: the Visioning series, which was launched in January with Blueprints for 2050, and the Tropical Architecture for the 21st Century series, with the first book launched in August. Blueprints for 2050 gives Filipinos a glimpse of the future-built environment. According to then Editor-in-Chief Judith Torres, “Blueprints for 2050 is a collection of 25 visions, plans, and hopes for our progeny, of a future wholly within our potential to reach if we would believe in—and love—our country and ourselves.” The Tropical book series covers projects in countries with climates similar to the Philippines. The wealth of material we gathered from the first book allowed BluPrint to expand its magazine coverage in 2017 to regularly include projects in Malaysia and Singapore.

BluPrint produced its first event in 2019, BluPrint Circles which was a discourse on presenting in front of clients and juries led by award-winning architects Denise de Castro and William Ti. In addition, the architects shared their personal experiences in joining and winning competitions, their learnings in dealing with different types of clients, and what they value most with regards to ensuring that a project is relevant.

Notes On A Building (NOAB) introduces heritage sites through fragments, wholes, vignettes of sorts, and jottings. It gives us a historical journey through a vivid documentation of various structures. A design expert walks with viewers in each episode to help unravel the architecture and design, while touching on the rich past and other interesting points of the featured building. The show aims to raise and sustain awareness about the importance of sustainability in today’s design, and to occupy the thought behind protecting and preserving Philippine heritage sites.


BluPrint Conversations
Ar. Tobias Guggenheimer
Ar. Tobias Guggenheimer
Ar. Royal Pineda
Ar. Royal Pineda

One of the signature assets of BluPrint is now back in audio format, continuing to engage in deep discussions and insightful conversations on the field of architecture and design.

BluPrint SEACon
BluPrint Seacon Logo

In time for BluPrint’s anniversary, architects, designers, builders, planners, and industry leaders of the ASEAN region will gather in BluPrint SEACon; an international conference that discusses key learnings, strategies, and problems.

BluPrint Webinars
Ar. Jojo Tolentino and Ar. Romolo Nati

Born in the midst of a global pandemic, BluPrint Webinars proved to be an effective way of getting in touch with BluPrint’s core audience again. BluPrint Webinars is an online event that features key opinion leaders and personalities in the architecture and design industry as they tackle different topics on redesigning spaces and residences to adapt to the new normal.


BluPrint Website

190,000 average monthly pageviews
50,000 average monthly active users
61,000 average monthly sessions
400,000 average monthly event count

BP Books

BluPrint Magazine

20,000 copies per issue

Print: Shopee, Lazada, Subscription
Emag: Readly, Magzter, Zinio, Press Reader

BluPrint Books

Print: Shopee, Lazada, Subscription
Emag: Readly, Magzter, Zinio, Press Reader

BP Trophical Architecture Magazine



Managing Editor   RICK FORMALEJO

Group Creative Director   JANN PASCUA
Group Art Director MARC PAGDILAO
Multimedia Artist   DIANNE FERNANDO


Group Publisher  JANINE RECTO

Your Companion In Today’s Parenting Journey

Being a parent has never been an easy job. It requires a lot of patience, knowledge, trial and error, and shared learning experience from others.

But parenting in the midst of a global pandemic has doubled the pressure on today’s parents. Not only do they have to make sure their kids are provided with the basic necessities: food, clothes, a roof over the heads, now they also have to make sure their kids are safe from the virus, thriving in their new school setup, coping mentally and emotionally, all while making sure they are helping their kids grow and develop in this new way of living.

Modern Parenting becomes your companion in today’s parenting journey. Modern Parenting creates helpful and relevant content for the modern multi-faceted parent.

MP Magazine

Modern Parenting was launched as One MEGA Group’s response to the changing parenting landscape on July 17, 2020. It was born out of a realization that there is no brand that caters specifically to a certain demographic of parents here in the Philippines. For some people who have been parenting before the pandemic, they have the advantage of experience on their side. But for new parents who are adjusting to parenthood during a global pandemic, it can be challenging.

The brand has grown exponentially in terms of page views and social media reach. Modern Parenting is known to be a source of inspiration, information, feel-good content, real life stories of adversity, finding the silver lining, and sometimes, much needed comic relief. It has become a helping hand for all parents.

Marga Tupaz

The magazine’s founding Editor-in-Chief, Marga Medrano-Tupaz envisioned the “modern parent” to be a cool mom or dad who is unfazed by the most shocking stories and who can keep a level head when it comes to challenges, someone you would like to run to when things go awry or if you just need some inspiration and a good laugh.

The editorial team is tasked to conscientiously create content that everyone can enjoy and consume — whether or not they’re a parent. They also want to give a voice to the youth because it’s only through understanding them that parents can become better and more effective.

Throughout a parent’s journey, having a support system is key. And that’s what Modern Parenting is here for. As a young, homegrown brand, the evolution and expansion of Modern Parenting is inevitable. So, as we all continue to maneuver through the global pandemic, Modern Parenting has set plans to better reach their audience through digital efforts and broadening their scope of topics. One year later, the brand is stronger than ever.


Modern Parenting Spotlight

Modern Parenting Spotlight presents two monthly spotlight features where celebrities, influencers, and people in the industry provide inspiration and tips as they share their unique experiences in their parenting journey.

Modern Parenting Profiles

The Modern Parenting Profiles digital feature highlights parents excelling in their field of work, careers, or interests that serve as a source of inspiration and information for all parents.

Modern Parenting Home

Modern Parenting at Home captures the everyday lives of various families in their own homes, especially during the new normal. The series will explore the unique dynamics that exist in every home as we showcase the everyday activities of each family.

Modern Parenting Traditions

Modern Parenting Traditions is a deeper look into how family traditions, practices, and celebrations are being passed down to the next generations. The show will give a sneak peak into the lives of celebrities and influencers as they celebrate these momentous moments.

Modern Parenting Real Talk

One of the signature assets of Modern Parenting, now in audio format. Real Talk serves its purpose as an avenue where we tackle real life issues, current events, and other relevant topics that concern family, relationships, raising babies and kids.


Modern Parenting Website

150,000 average monthly pageviews
45,000 average monthly active users
50,000 average monthly sessions
440,000 average monthly event count

Modern Parenting Magazines
Modern Parenting Magazine

10,000 copies per issue

Print:Shopee, Lazada, Subscription
EmagWebZine: Quento




Managing Editor   GRETCHEN FRAGADA
Group Creative Director   JANN PASCUA
Group Art Director MARC PAGDILAO
Multimedia Artist   DENIELLE CARAG


Group Publisher  JANINE RECTO

For All The Lives You Lead

As the world started to settle into the new normal during the latter half of 2020, One MEGA Group also had to adjust to the drastic changes in the media industry. From current events, survival tips, education, and even social interaction — online has become our way of life.

With almost an entire year spent indoors, we also had the chance to nurture all of our hobbies and interests, and even adopt new ones along the way. This allowed us to introspect, explore, learn and get to know ourselves better. We discovered what else the world had to offer, and conversely, what we can offer. There was a collective consciousness and clamor to really find our purpose and how we can make a difference in the world.

However, misinformation, unverified sources, and fake news have dominated our online lives sowing confusion and panic — an effect that we felt more so during this pandemic. As such, One MEGA Group took a stand on the matter.

To better serve the public and adapt to our vision of the future of Philippine media, One MEGA Group broke the barriers, once again, this time unifying our industry experts and thought leaders in ONE PLACE, creating ONE STRONG VOICE under ONE HOME. From our multiple curiosities and hunger for knowledge came forth a new brainchild—ONEMEGA.com in October 2020. This new platform caters to all audiences from different demographics under one roof.

As a brand, we saw this time of reflection as the perfect opportunity to give people a place where they can read and learn more about all of their newfound interests conveniently in one place. And at the same time, give notable individuals a platform where they can share their expertise, interests, wisdom and experiences.

Today, ONEMEGA.com is the ultimate Filipino lifestyle portal showcasing an elite list of columnists, rather than just a digital extension of our media brands. From being “the standard for Filipino media excellence,” we now move on to become an inspiration to Filipinos through meaningful media, making ONEMEGA.com a source of information and a platform of aspiration.

Onemega.com Logo

With a clearer direction set for OneMega.com, primarily focused on business with a hint of lifestyle, the new logo has adapted the brand’s goals of providing readers with inspiring, informative, and relevant stories with authority, credibility, and purpose. The new logo puts focus on the word ONE instead of MEGA to give the brand its own distinctive look. ONE is also synonymous to being on top, the alpha, the prime, and the best. The new logo is bold, commanding, and straightforward. This is the new ONEMEGA.com.

The ONEMEGA.com team is composed of over 50 contributors who specialize in 15 different categories, to help the site host a myriad of reliable sources, expert opinions, and a vast scope of interests, so our readers are guaranteed to learn only from the cream of the crop. The ideation for ONEMEGA.com’s content is just the beginning as we have barely maximized its potential almost one year later. With the team’s creativity, the collaborations with our columnists, and a wide breadth of topics, the possibilities for relevant and meaningful output on ONEMEGA.com are endless.


ONE Minute Class
One On One Class

ONE Minute Class will be a series of online shows on Facebook and Youtube that gives tips and recommends strategies for any kind of skill that viewers aim to master. The tips will come from ONEMEGA.com’s own list of contributors.

One On One

ONE on ONE is the podcast series that features business leaders as they engage in a one on one interview with the Editor-in-Chief of ONEMEGA.com, where they will answer questions submitted by the audience regarding careers, business tips, and much more.

The Juan
The Juan Logo

The Juan is an online webinar event which will feature business leaders as they share their perspectives on various business trends which will serve as an inspiration to fellow Filipino entrepreneurs.

Business 1O1
Business 101 Logo

Business 1O1 will showcase inspiring stories of low-key entrepreneurs who are successful in their respective industries.


OneMega.com Website

44,000 average monthly pageviews
21,000 average monthly active users
17,000 average monthly sessions
162,000 average monthly event count




Jr Associate Editor   DIANE NICOLE GO

Group Creative Director   JANN PASCUA
Group Art Director MARC PAGDILAO
Multimedia Artist   DENIELLE CARAG

Group Publisher  JANINE RECTO

Celebrating The True Spirit Of Sports

Over the last decade, Filipino sports has been on the rise. We have had very successful international campaigns and we are also seeing growth and momentum on the local scene. Now more than ever, Filipino athletes are being recognized globally for their athletic abilities — some in familiar arenas, some in new ones.

This August 2022, One Mega Group will be launching a newly-founded media brand called The GAME. One of our biggest motivations for launching this new media brand is the goal to upgrade the overall Filipino sports experience for athletes, fans, and the community in general. By strategically combining a team of sports aficionados with the prestige lifestyle DNA of One Mega Group Inc, The GAME is set to be the new breed of Filipino sports entertainment which presents sports content with a very distinct lifestyle approach.

Founding Publisher: James Cruz
James Cruz
Editor-in-Chief: Amanda Fernandez
Amanda Fernandez

This synergy is best embodied through the tandem of The GAME’s Founding Publisher, James Leonard Cruz and its Editor-in-Chief Amanda Fernandez. With the common mission of wanting to bring the overall Filipino sports community to new heights, the audience can expect to enjoy a fresh take on Filipino sports entertainment across The GAME’s multiple media touch points.

Likewise, the same mission is extended to the team of equally passionate and dedicated content creators and contributors. They are expected to always make sure that each piece of content is carefully crafted to provide value and a clear takeaway to not just the featured subjects, but the discerning audience as well. At the end of the day, as a media brand, The GAME seeks to entertain. And it hopes to accomplish this while also being able to honor, inspire, excite the sports community!


Magazine Covers and Murals

The Game isn’t like any other sports magazine. Taking the spotlight of its covers are the most glorious moments of Pinoy athletes taken from history, digitally rendered into beautiful artworks. To honor these victories more, The Game transforms these covers into painted murals to be displayed at spaces that will chronicle each iconic story.

The Game Website


An online hub designed to present the full spectrum of sports entertainment, TheGame.OneMega.com offers a wide-range of content that tackles stories about the various members of the sports community.

Each part of the website is carefully crafted to showcase aspirational, inspirational, informative and most importantly, entertaining content.

Social Media

Created as a touch point for sports fans, The Game’s social media pages deliver engaging and interactive content. These platforms bring sports closer to its audience, creating one solid and active community with The Game.

Community Activities

As a way of giving back to the community, sustainable sports programs are initiated by The Game in collaboration with athletes, local community leaders, and brands.

Events and Parties

Through events and parties, The Game brings a different kind of experience best served on-ground that will celebrate momentous milestones in the world of sports. It brings the entire community together to witness breakthroughs recognizing individuals that made waves of impact to the industry.



Group Art Director   MARC PAGDILAO
Multimedia Artist   RYAN PAGLINAWAN

News Writer    ANNIKA CANIZA

Group Publisher  JANINE RECTO
Publisher  JAMES CRUZ


Archie Carrasco

Chief Executive Officer

Peewee Reyes Isidro

VP for Content

Marga Tupaz

AVP for Publishing

Central Team

Advertising Sales

Advertising Director   MAUREEN ALEXIS BUSTO
Account Executive   GODWIN DOMINGO
Account Managers   YNA SISON, NYKHOLE CRUZ
Advertising Implementer and Coordinator   VICTORIA VEDANA, JESSA MAE SICAT

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications Manager PAM RODRIGUEZ
Copywriter / Social Media AssociateROWAN PALOMARES
Social Media AssociateKYLA TAAL
Multimedia ArtistAGATHA ROMERO

Creative Services

Creative Services Manager   KRISTOFF SISON
Multimedia Artists   GARI SY, EL PEREIRA,

Sound and Motion

Sr Video Editor    JASPER BERMEJO
Video Editor and Producer   REGINA ACERON, AYENNEL GABA
Video Editor   MIGUEL LIM

Studio & Imaging

Production and Studio Manager    ED SIMON
Final Artists    

Production & Logistics

Production & Logistics Manager    ERICA LUNA
Bookings Associate    
Pull Out Coordinator & Production & Logistics Assistant    

One Mega Group Inc.

Chairman & CEO

Founding Creative Director


Video Editor

The Video Editor will be responsible for handling the post-production phase of creating videos or films.  They bring together raw footage and media and edit these to form videos that are fully ready for viewing

Bookings Associate

The Bookings Associate will be responsible for performing administrative and office support activities ​​for the editorial, production, and logistics team.

Social Media Associate

The Social Media Associate is tasked to improve and maintain OMG brands’ online presence and awareness through social media networks.

Final Artist

The Final Artist is in charge of producing the final artwork, inputting changes during proofing stages, and preparing the magazine for the pre-press stage along with the images for online publishing. 

Account Manager

The Account Manager is responsible for selling advertising spaces and events sponsorships for direct accounts and reaches 100% of the given quota.

Beauty Editor

The Beauty Editor will be in charge of all the beauty pages — they will have to write and edit assigned beauty sections, style shoots, including the beauty direction of the cover and as needed for the other sections.

Digital Editor

The Digital Editor is primarily responsible for implementing and maintaining the magazine’s overall look, voice, and content. They ensure the quality and timely completion of every issue through the efficient management of the magazine’s staff, budget, and deadlines. They are also responsible for the magazine’s public image and network.

Multimedia Artist

The Multimedia Artist will be responsible for creating high quality graphics/images and videos for all digital content and campaigns.


The Copywriter will be  responsible for providing the copy for Marketing campaigns and content for the creative executions of various Marketing collaterals, such as, but not limited to: advertising copies, videos, posters, flyers, radio plugs, program scripts, press releases, creative and concept decks, and other related materials.

Digital Content Writer

The Digital Content Writer will be responsible for producing clear and compelling daily website content.  They must be able to create digital content in multiple writing formats such as online articles, product descriptions, advertorials, online editorials, e-newsletters, email marketing, social media copy, etc. that are accurate, accessible, consistent, and up-to-date.

Managing Editor

The Managing Editor will be responsible for establishing the editorial direction and maintaining the magazine’s overall look, voice, and content. They are also responsible for establishing and sustaining positive and professional relations with contributors, industry collaborators, featured personalities, and establishments.

Fashion Associate

The Fashion Associate will be responsible in assisting fashion editor with the cover direction of the magazine: visuals and story ideas that are aligned to the MEGA market.

Associate Editor

The Associate Editor assumes the Editor in chief’s duties in his/her absence, supports the Managing  Editor in the maintenance of the magazine’s overall look, voice and content, and is responsible for the  day-to-day operations of the magazine. He/she also enforces strict compliance with internal timetables as  well as art and copy or production deadlines to guarantee the timely delivery of the magazine.

[email protected]

Job Hunters:
[email protected]

Business Hours:
Opens Mondays to Fridays
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Unit 801 8th Floor, Jollibee Center Condominuim, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig, 1605, Metro Manila, Philippines

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