NYLON Manila Introduces MyZine: The Road To Print Innovation

The NYLON Manila team introduces their take on print: combining the visual storytelling of a magazine with the customizable aspects of a personal planner.

NYLON, the go-to source for the young, stylish, and culture-obsessed, made a significant decision in 2024: to return to print after eight years of living purely online. True to form, the NYLON Manila team took this directive and gave it their own spin: an innovative approach that blends the elements of a magazine, such as cover stars and editorial narratives, with fun, customizable pages and special sheets, offered initially, in three content packs. The three packs (starter, confidence, and style) are designed around the theme of identity and push the idea of “just be” – something very close to every Gen Z’s heart.

MyRules: Beyond the Magazine

Initially, the team’s plan was to do the “usual:” a 40-page magazine with the requisite cover star and editorial features. That is until someone suggested making it customizable. Editor-in-Chief Maggie Batacan narrates: “With MyZine, we really wanted to deliver a content experience that gives the reader a sense of control over what they’re consuming, similar to ‘choose your own adventure’ type of media.”


The functionality of MyZine knows no bounds. It starts with the binder. Available in five vibrant colorways, it can be further personalized through painting, drawing, or adding stickers with the only limit being the imagination. Content packs include articles, listicles, features, essays, exclusive photos, and interactive worksheets like budget trackers, mood trackers, and checklists. It can be used as a planner, a journal, or with the coming packs that can be mixed and matched, even hold photocard or sticker collections.

MyStyle: The Creative Process

Given NYLON Manila’s digital-first approach, creating a print product proved challenging. Part trial and error, and part mentoring program, the young team of NYLON Manila was all in for the challenge. “Creating MyZine was a huge learning curve for us to overcome, but nonetheless, it was very fun to have the creative freedom and bring the vision to life,” says Brand Associate Bianca Lao. 


Guided by their objective of revolutionizing the readers’ experience by giving them control over the content they consume, Managing Editor Rafael Bautista adds this about the  team’s creative process: “We iterated a lot on how MyZine looks and operates today. From prototypes to scrapped designs, we shifted between ideas before we settled on what the MyZine should be.”

Even the choice of SB19’s Justin as the cover star for MyZine’s debut was in line with NYLON Manila’s ethos of self-discovery and personal growth. Fashion and Creative Director Andre Chang adds, “The maiden cover encompasses the limitless potential of Justin, MyZine, and even the readers. It can represent: ‘Just Be Free,’ ‘Just Be Original,’ ‘Just Be Creative,’ or ‘Just Be Whoever You Want to Be’.”


MyZine: The Continued Evolution

Zines have a rich history, originating as self-published vessels of creativity that capture one’s own thoughts, experiences, and observations. They have always been a platform for personal expression and unique storytelling. Today, a Zine is not just that but already a kind of culture among its readers, with each iteration adapting to its own language.

Amidst the saturation of social media, the NYLON Manila team offers Gen Z an offline social platform in MyZine – where readers become part of the journey, shaping a narrative that is uniquely their own.

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