Lifestyle Asia Honors Legacy With Emma Hepburn Ferrer

The granddaughter of Audrey Hepburn holds the torch of legacy, inspiring a new generation to embrace their own family history while paving her own path to make a difference in the world.

First on the cover of Lifestyle Asia is Emma Hepburn Ferrer, a woman carrying the legacy of Hollywood film and fashion star, Audrey Hepburn. As the granddaughter of an icon, she shares a memoir of beautiful artistry by bringing the “Intimate Audrey” exhibit from Brussels, Belgium to Manila, Philippines. Together with her father, Sean Hepburn Ferrer, they spent days hanging photos and arranging curated memorabilia. An excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s cover story writes, “After all, it’s not every day Audrey comes to Manila. And though it’s a posthumous visit, the profound affection Filipinos hold for Emma’s grandmother is undeniable. Its weight and resonance, Emma admits, still eludes her grasp to this day.”

Through Emma, Lifestyle Asia digs deep into the life of Audrey Hepburn. While she didn’t get to meet her grandmother herself, who died just a year before she was born, she feels like she spent time with her because of how the world remembers her up until this day. As a young girl, she would see her grandmother’s face on handbags and in people’s homes – even her friends’ kitchens. It gave her an idea of how well-loved Audrey was. “As I’ve gotten a little older, it’s now more of trying to understand what she represented to different people on an individual level and what she meant for them and why they looked up to her. It’s different for everyone, but that’s what makes it special,” Emma says in the cover story.

Now making her own path, Emma discovers her own transformative journey with her one-month visit to the Philippines. During her stay, she explored local customs, traditions, the vibrant art scene, cuisine, and more. She wore pieces exclusively made by Filipino fashion designers in her Lifestyle Asia cover shoot, finding herself captivated by the culture that the country brings. Of course, at the heart of it all, she sees why the legacy of Audrey Hepburn is still alive through the eyes of Filipinos. Beyond the glitz and glamour she is famous for, Audrey Hepburn grew up in a war-torn land and became a refugee of war. For Emma, this shared history, the profound impact of war and suffering, resonates deeply with Filipinos, whose own history has been marked by similar challenges. 

Following the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn who spent the last few years of her life on humanitarian work, this legacy was passed on to Sean and now Emma who are both active in advocating for the rights of children. She says through Lifestyle Asia, “I think it’s important for younger generations, including my own generation, not to become detached from this history, even though today many of us live in peaceful territories and countries… We mustn’t forget where we come from, and the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors to get where we are. We must honor those stories and keep telling them to our children.” 

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