CEO of AGC PHC Champions “Purpose over Profit” at FIPP World Media Congress

Archie G. Carrasco narrates his story of leading with a purposeful vision.

Since 1925 the FIPP has convened to provide media leaders from around the world a venue to connect and engage. On its 46th run, the FIPP World Media Congress gathered the industry’s global members in Cascais, Portugal. Among the distinguished speakers was AGG Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) CEO Archie G. Carrasco, the sole speaker from Southeast Asia, who focused on the company’s principle of “Purpose over Profit.”

Archie Carrasco Giving Speech

Identifying Purpose

Carrasco emphasized the responsibility of leaders to prioritize purpose in a consumer-driven world. He asserted that leaders must guide their organizations to positively impact society and the environment beyond mere profit pursuits.

Archie Carrasco Giving Speech
Archie Carrasco Giving Speech

“Today’s generation looks beyond the traditional success indicators such as money or prestige. They seek a sense of meaning and fulfillment, and purpose provides that. Purpose-driven companies attract top talent, build loyalty, and achieve sustainable profitability,” Carrasco stated.

After establishing the internal benefits, Carrasco expounded on the external benefits of being guided by purpose, “Companies who form stronger emotional connections with customers and stand out in crowded marketplaces. They also demonstrate resilience in times of crisis, guided by their core purpose.”

Integrating Purpose

Archie Carrasco Giving Speech at FIPP World Media Congress

“At AGC Power Holdings Corp., purpose is embedded in every action,” Carrasco continued. He illustrated the company’s vision, ‘To create pioneering, entertaining, and socially responsible products and services that positively impact the lives of every Filipino.’ by citing examples of its practice in its flagship media brands:

  • Vogue Philippines: Bridges Filipino identity with the world through fashion, supporting inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability.
  • MEGA: Champions the Philippine fashion industry by discovering and promoting new talent.
  • Billboard Philippines: Connects Filipino music to the global stage, opening opportunities for local artists.
Archie Carrasco Giving Speech at FIPP World Media Congress
Archie Carrasco Giving Speech at FIPP World Media Congress
Archie Carrasco Giving Speech at FIPP World Media Congress

This company vision is what guides the holding company’s three media subsidiaries to ensure a consistent and unified approach across all its 13 media brands.

Igniting Purpose

Drawing from his leadership at AGC PHC, Carrasco advised businesses to clearly define their purpose and align their mission. He stressed the importance of communicating this purpose to stakeholders and integrating it into every aspect of business operations, from ideation to service delivery.

As Carrasco ended his address, he called for businesses to navigate today’s fast-moving, complex world with purpose as their north star, “Life is not measured by the number of things we have done, but by the impact we have made.”