Stewards Of The Future: Lifestyle Asia Gala’s 2023 Philanthropic Excellence Awardees

Lifestyle Asia celebrates inspiring individuals and groups making a transformative impact in Education, Environment, Food, Children, and Health at its 2023 Philanthropic Excellence Awards.

Last night, the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023 illuminated with joy, celebrating those contributing to our nation’s well-being. 
The event wove nature, life’s dimensions, and the human spirit into a beautiful celebration of positive and transformative impact.

At Lakehall in Nena’s Sanctuary located in Sta. Elena Estate, Lifestyle Asia’s inaugural Philanthropic Excellence Awards spotlighted outstanding endeavors of individuals and organizations covering Education, Environment, Food, Children, and Health—each a vital thread in the fabric of society and humanity. The event coincides with the celebration of Lifestyle Asia’s 36th anniversary.


National Bookstore

Xandra Ramos-Padilla/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

National Bookstore, under the leadership of Xandra Ramos-Padilla, received recognition. 

They were acknowledged for empowering underprivileged Filipino youth through educational programs like Project Aral, making a tangible difference since 2009.

“Project Aral has been a vital instrument in supporting education, especially for those who need it the most,” Padilla said. 

She also added, “This initiative has allowed us to bring the gift of learning to countless children and young people, making a tangible difference in their lives and communities.”

Lepanto Mining

Bryan Yap/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Lepanto Mining, represented by Bryan Yap, demonstrated commitment to education. 

They supported in-camp schools and provided scholarships through the Lepanto Educational Assistance Program (LEAP).

Yap expressed, “We have no intention of stopping. I am fortunate to have loved ones, family, and friends—some of whom are here now—who have witnessed the positive impact of our efforts for these kids and continue to contribute to our cause.”



Heidi Ng/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

GCash, a frontrunner in the nation’s e-wallet scene, goes beyond its financial services.

It actively works to preserve the Philippines’ endemic flora through the innovative “GForest” feature on its app.

This feature rewards registered users with “green energy” points for each transaction or eco-friendly activity within the app. Users can then utilize these points to either plant a native tree or adopt one. The Philanthropic Excellence Awards acknowledge the company’s impactful contribution to the environment. GCash has successfully planted over one million trees across the country as of 2022. Heidi Ng received the prestigious award on behalf of GCash.


Angie Goyena with co-presenters Randolf Palanca and Candy Dizon/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Bioten, celebrated through the Philanthropic Excellence Awards, raised funds for replanting 88,000 trees, benefiting the Aeta families of Yangil, Zambales. Angie Goyena shared, “I am aware of the challenges our planet is facing.” She continued, “Our team has worked tirelessly, driven by a vision of harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.”


Feeding Metro Manila

Daniella Lorenzo/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Daniella Lorenzo, took the stage to receive this recognition, presented by Lifestyle Asia’s editor-in-chief Candy Dizon and the founder of Wildflour group of restaurants, Ana de Ocampo.

The recognition is based on its efforts in addressing hunger and promoting zero food waste across underserved families in the nation’s capital. Feeding Metro Manila (FMM) raises funds through various initiatives to establish feeding programs that provide nutritious meals. It also relies on donations of unsold and edible goods from food enterprises that benefit those who need them most.

“So, I’ve been an active member and volunteered since 2010 when I was just in grade three, and I continue to volunteer throughout the years. From here, I’ve been able to witness firsthand the impact of community that this organization has made,” Lorenzo shared. She then expressed her gratitude for this honor. 


Abigal Nepomuceno/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Sekaya Natural Food, the natural product brand of Unilab, offers natural plant-based products for the country. More than that, it’s committed to putting only indigenous, quality foods at the forefront of its processes to support the country’s biodiversity and agricultural sector. The #LifestyleAsiaGala2023 Philanthropic Excellence Awards recognizes these efforts as the brand continues to push the envelope in the science-based natural food industry.

Moreover, the brand is dedicated to prioritizing indigenous, high-quality foods in its processes to support the nation’s biodiversity and agricultural sector. Representing Sekaya is Abigail Nepomuceno on behalf of Unilab’s Senior Vice President Joey Ochave. Nepomuceno expressed her appreciation for receiving the award.  She also noted her intention to extend the recognition to other businesses that share a strong commitment to community welfare.


Kids for Kids Philippines

Tasha Tanjutco/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Tasha Tanjutco, co-founder of the youth empowerment and charity organization Kids for Kids, graced the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023. The gala’s Philanthropic Excellence Awards acknowledge the organization’s endeavors in shaping future generations of peacemakers, world-shapers, and changemakers.

Kids for Kids, a volunteer-based group, dedicates itself to providing aid and opportunities to children in need. They actively engage in outreach projects that educate and establish empowering spaces, including a creative hub for the youth on Halian Island.

“This award is for all the kids who didn’t think they could be more than what they were told.” 

Tanjutco also extends the recognition to the indigenous people, emphasizing, “It’s about time we acknowledge the privilege we have of realizing that much is given, much is expected.”

Jollibee Group Foundation

Gisela Tiongson with co-presenters Ramon Galicia and Candy Dizon/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Jollibee Food Corporation has transcended its role as the renowned fast-food chain. 

Its social development arm, Jollibee Group Foundation, has been actively implementing the “Busog, Lusog, Talino (BLT) School Program” for over a decade. This initiative aims to nourish undernourished children, fostering hope and strengthening their bodies and minds for a brighter future.

The executive director of the Jollibee Group Foundation, Gisela Tiongson, represents the organization at the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023 Philanthropic Excellence Awards.


Estée Lauder Companies

Sharyn Wong/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

Sharyn Wong, the general manager, represents Estée Lauder Companies at the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023. The Philanthropic Excellence Awards acknowledge Estée Lauder’s Breast Cancer Campaign.

The brand, thus far, has raised a total of $16,858,047 for Breast Cancer research, dedicating their funds to 337,161 hours of research aimed at achieving a cancer-free world for all.

“This includes raising funds to advance life-saving research, expanding access to medical resources, and advocating greater awareness and creating action. It serves as inspiration for all of us at ELC to persist in our efforts toward a world free of this disease. It is time to end breast cancer. Thank you.”

The Aivee Clinic

Aivee Teo/Photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.

The Aivee Group is a powerhouse in the Philippines’ medical industry. 

It pioneers advancements in beauty and science while championing impactful initiatives that extend beyond the surface. Aivee Teo’s Beauty Beyond Borders campaign has made a significant impact on Filipinos nationwide. An outcome of this campaign is the Aivee x Art auction, showcasing the creations of local talents while generating funds for diverse medical missions. 

Among these missions was a journey across Metro Manila to provide assistance to individuals dealing with pathological dermatology cases.

Banner photo courtesy of KLIQ Inc.